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Why Exercise is Good For Your Brain

How Exercise is Good For Your Brain

What are three ways exercise is good for your brain?

Have you ever wondered if I exercise, can it help my brain?

Is exercising good for your brain?

Our brain is very important so are our body's, exercise is good for both

According to the article, tree ways exercise is beneficial to your brain is, Memory, Lifelong Benefit's, and The Brain's Later Stages.


First off, Memory is one of the most important things to us, it's like a treasure.

" In the mid- 1990's, Carl Cotman's team at the University of California- Irvine first showed that exercise triggers the production of something called BDNF in the brain."

" As people get older BDNF levels fall, and this decline is one reason why some older adults lose memory and mental abilities."

When you exercise this triggers BDNF in your brain, when this happens it helps you keep memory's and special abilities that you might have, it can also help you keep alzheimer's away.

Exercising is very important and it helps keep those special memory's in your mind for a long time.

There for, If you wanna keep special times in your mind, go out and exercise to work your brain and keep it healthy and strong.

Lifelong Benefit's

Secondly, babies and above all need a healthy brain.

" Infant's are in near - constant motion, which is extremely important for development." " This movement not only strengthens their muscles, but also helps their brains form connections." " Exercise is also healthy for pre-adolescent brains. In fact some research suggest that regular exercise can improve school performance. Hillman's team found that children ages 7 through 9 that participated in a 60- minute after school exercise program had better focus and processed information more quickly than children who did not exercise."

Through out your life either infant or teen it's important to stay active and healthy and this helps your brain so much, and helps you stay focused and involved, on the very important things in your life like education.

Moving around and staying motivated not only keeps us busy, at also keeps our brains fresh.

As one can see, we all need to exercise, to help development and concentrate.

The Brain's Later Stages

Last, our brain goes through stages as we get older.

"Exercise helps keep the mind sharp during adulthood. Sadly, the hippocampus, an important area of the brain, gets smaller naturally in late adulthood. The hipoocampus, is involved in memory and learning, and as it gets smaller, people start losing their memory." " Research suggest exercise can increase the size of the hippocampus and increase levels of a protein that aids the growth of new brain cells. This can help prevent older adults from losing their mental abilities and memory."

As we get older our brain starts to fade, exercise can help keep our brain fresh, so that everything stays intact, all the time.

Hippocampus, sounds horrible and it is, but exercising can help your brain stay away from that and help it stay healthy.

Clearly, exercising really dose help your brain in a lot of ways.

So, three ways exercise helps the brain are.

Memory, exercise helps your brain produce BDNF which helps the brain keep it's memory.

Lifelong Benefit's, exercise helps your brain stay more focused and connected to important things.

The Brain's Later Stages, the older we get, the more we forget, exercise helps our brain's as we get old to stay healthy and strong.

So exercise really can help you, it helps your brain and your body.

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