Super Seahorses

By: Isabella Taglieri

Introduction: Super Seahorses

Seahorses put all of their trust in their dorsal fin which beats at 30 - 70 times per second. Seahorses have a crazy diet, a enormous habitat, and an extraordinary reproduction system.


So know I need to go scuba diving to find some of these fascinating creatures for myself. and i can’t wait any longer! i have to go now, sorry i wish i could stay!

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Think Tank

In the think tank you make things out of the box. You can make something called a quizle. A quizle is a quiz with 10 questions about you great barrier reef orginisum. you can also make a word wall. A word wall is what is up above, it is tricky words that people might have trouble with the meaning. Last but not least you can draw a comic. It is pretty self explanitory, but it is an any day newspaper comic you would see.
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Go Fish

In go fish you pretend you are going to have a fish tank in you home. You can get a lot of fish for your tank, just don't go over the budget!! I got many fish but my favorite fish was the red tailed shark which is right above.
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Chefs Corner: Tim Tam

Tim tams were invented by Ian Norris. During 1958 he took a world trip looking for inspiration and made Tim tams.
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I studied a seahorse. My diorama includes 2 seahorses, coral, seaweed, sea anemone, Starfish, stingray, a clam, and an eel. There are also things that i did not make like fish, shark, dolphins, and turtles.
Cute Seahorse Swimming - Video for Kids