Principal Pathway Academy

Pursuing a Principalship in Austin ISD

Visit the Smore link at:

Opening Activity

  1. What leadership skills do you bring to the principalship?
  2. Record a 1-2 word response on each of 3 "candy hearts"
  3. On the back of each heart, jot yourself a few notes to elaborate on the word(s) you selected
  4. Be prepared to share
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Professional Introduction Speeches

  • Kara Mitchell-Santibanez, Perez ES
  • Kori Crawford, Travis HS
  • Renee Conley, Sims ES
  • Ana Blessum, Brown ES

Refining Your Resume

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  1. Review the sample resume at the link below
  2. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of the resume with a table partner
  3. Be ready to share out 1 praise or recommendation you would give the candidate

Resume Tips

  • Keep format simple and consistent - standard 11-12 pt. font, no pictures, colors or quotes
  • Limit length to 2 pages, no references
  • Include specific work experience - where and what you taught/led chronologically beginning with current assignment
  • Concise - include what sets you apart, not standard job responsibilities
  • Be sure to mention if you are bilingual
  • List education and certifications
  • Always print a copy to check visual appeal of formatting - computer screens are deceiving
  • Save all final documents in PDF for digital uploading
  • Ask John for personalized feedback once you have refined your resume


  1. Trade resumes with a partner who has not seen yours before
  2. Take 5 minutes to review your partners resume and jot down feedback
  3. Spend 2 minutes each sharing your feedback with each other

Refining Your Interview Skills

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  1. Number off "1, 2, 3" and move into 3 small groups according to your number
  2. You will take turns answering sample principal question
  3. DO NOT DRAW A QUESTION UNTIL IT IS YOUR TURN - we want a "cold" response
  4. Each PPA member will answer 1 question in 3 minutes followed by 2 minutes of peer feedback
  5. Stay in your small groups - we will practice another question later

Interview Preparation

  • EVERYDAY is a job interview - demonstrate strong leadership and good judgement during meetings, phone conversations and social media interactions
  • Ask for principal profile in advance so you know what they want in a principal


  • Practice answering questions within a 3-minute time limit
  • Record in a quiet and professional looking setting
  • Dress professionally
  • Meet the Hirevue deadline - missing the timeline is a BIG mistake

Interview Tips

  • Dress professionally - avoid distractions in dress and visible tattoos
  • Greet each person individually with a firm handshake when you enter and exit
  • Make eye contact with all committee members, particularly AISD leadership
  • Be prepared to begin by "bringing your resume to life" - tell them why you want to lead and how you got where you are

-listen carefully and write down questions if they are not provided

-time your answers - 5 questions in 30 minutes gives you 5-6 minutes each

-concise answers with specific examples - don't ramble or chase rabbits

-stick to the stem - if they ask "why" don't tell them "how"

  • Be prepared to close with "Is there anything additional you would like to tell us?" - always have an answer ready
  • After interview be sure to send a brief email thanking committee


  1. You will take turns answering another sample principal question
  2. DO NOT DRAW A QUESTION UNTIL IT IS YOUR TURN - we want a "cold" response
  3. Each PPA member will answer 1 question in 3 minutes followed by 2 minutes of peer feedback

Entry Plans

  • Presentation matters - professional folios or folders, no staples
  • Well organized and consistent formatting
  • Have enough copies to leave with each committee member
  • Refer to plan when answering questions
  • Send draft plans to John for feedback prior to interview


  1. Trade your draft entry plan with a new partner
  2. Look at formatting and content (consider if a parent would understand)
  3. Take 5 minutes to review and jot feedback
  4. Spend 2 minutes each to share feedback with your partner

Reflection and Closing

  • What were your big takeaways today?
  • What are you going to work on in the coming days? Set personal goals and put them on your calendar NOW