Mrs. Grimes' Fourth Grade

March 23-27, 2015

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, March 24th- Chicken dinner and Math Carnival.

Thursday, March 26th- Parent info meeting for Raleigh.

Friday, March 27th- Regular School day!!

Monday March 30th-Sunday, April 5th- Spring Break.

Monday, April 6th- ACS board visits Claxton (will observe our class)

Wednesday April 8th- Report Cards go home.

Classroom Needs:

  • Healthy Snacks

Curriculum this Week:

Reading- Your child will be placed into a new Strategy Group this week based on their MAP data, mclass data, and classwork. Ask them what their new focus is!

Math- In math this week, we will continue working on fractions. We will be focusing on adding and subtracting fractions.

Writing- We will be finishing up our informational books this week and will be publishing them into an ebook.

Social Studies- In social studies this week, we will continue learning about the Cherokee Native Americans.

Free Chicken Dinner and Math Carnival- March 24

Our annual FREE chicken dinner and Math Carnival is this TUESDAY, March 24th from 5:30-7:00pm! Dinner will be served the whole time and you may do the math carnival first and then enjoy dinner or you may enjoy dinner first and then have a BLAST at the math carnival.

Raleigh Payment

The final Raleigh Payment is due this week! Please make sure your child is all paid up by the time we leave for Spring Break!

2nd Raleigh Parent Meeting

Have Questions or Concerns about Raleigh?

We will be holding a 4th Grade Parent Meeting next Thursday from 6pm-7pm. This meeting is for any parents (not just chaperones!) We will be giving you a packet of information and will cover the following information

  • What your child needs to wear
  • What your child is allowed to bring on the trip
  • What our detailed itinerary looks like
  • How to fill out the Medication Form

If you cannot attend the meeting, we will be sending home copies of everything with your student next Friday- and you can contact me with any questions or concerns. Room assignments will not be given out until right before the trip.

*Chaperones will have a separate meeting on April 9th from 6pm-7pm to discuss expectations, room lists, and detailed schedules.