Panther Academy

Week 4

Open House (Press Play at the bottom before you start reading:)

I have emailed as many parents as possible about Open House and I am expecting 1 or 2 parents per class period:) I understand that you are coming in from all over the school, so when you arrive, I will introduce you and your subject area. At that time if you want to add any additional information, please do!

Calendar on my desk & Subs

On my desk there is a Calendar. If you know that you will be gone, please mark those dates as a form of communication, as well as send me a quick email. I will be gone this week Tuesday and Friday morning. I should be back by 3rd/7th. If you have a substitute please DO NOT give them your Edgenuity login. And if you are ever in need of getting work done, please do not hesitate to see if we can work out a schedule so that I cover for you. We all need some extra time every now and then, and we need to take care of our students as well as each other.

2 Weddings & a Baby!

Helping students catch up, keep up, and graduate on time

Edgenuity’s credit-recovery courses allow students to stay on track for on-time graduation. Self-paced learning and pretesting with prescription allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they have already mastered. Since every course is able to be customized to match district specifications, educators can be confident that students have built a strong foundation for the next grade or course.


Bob Marley - Dont worry be happy (Mystery) by yigitcanbal