why you should go

People should go to England because it has lake that you can visit national park that you can go to and museum. Do you know where England is? “England is in north-west Europe and is in the southern part of Great Britain. It is an island country and also part of the United Kingdom (UK).”internet

you can go to the lake district.

“You can hike by Blea and Lake District”.19pg. You can walk or ride a bike around the beautiful lake. “The Tames is England Main River”.pg21. It is the longest river in England. “And once times the Tames have got pollute no fish could live there so they swam away. Then people start to complain ab out the fish. So they have a cleanup campaign. Then the fish came back”. Pg21.”The Tames River got bigger because it has got frozen a very long time ago. Then the ice melt in the river got bigger and deeper”.21pg.

And this is why you should visit the beautiful lake district because it clean and you can swim in it and go fishing.

nationla parks

National parks

This is the second reason why you should go to a wonderful place like England. There are 7 national parks and England.it is out to the public so you can visit them. What you can do at the national park. You can take a walk and the national park, and take picture of the animals that you see. “You might find dwarf mouse and the bushes, if you are luck”. Dartmoor is one of the national parks. “It took half of Dartmoor to make the national” [pg.] “A good time to go is in the spring. Because visitors find bluebells in bloom while in summer the park is clothed with pink heather and yellow gorse. The park is worth a nocturnal visit in any season—its extremely dark skies make star gazing a delight”.

And that is why you should go to England because Dartmoor is a beautiful place if you go at the right time it is so beautiful.


The British museum was found in the 1753 when Sir Hans Slonae , a wild traveled physician and naturalist, left he had collected to the nation. In 1847 the huge house was open to the public. The famous thing in the museum is the Elgin marbles is a wonderful statues from ancient Greece. And the Rosetta stone, which was carved more than 2,000 year ago. This is why you should to this museum because can ,learn know thing and try to read the Rosetta stone.