Canadian Sports in the 1920's

A Sport Nation


In the 1920's hockey was a Canadian sport, that instantly and rapidly became popular in Canada. Hockey was considered Canada's national game. During the 1920's, NHL (National Hockey League) was formed for Canadian athletes. The NHL was a great success especially when WW1 ended, many individuals were excited to watch hockey.

Rugby Football

The Grey Cup was awarded for the “Rugby Football Championship” of Canada. In 1921, teams from Western Canada were permitted to challenge for the Grey Cup for the first time, making the finals truly national in scope. That year the Toronto Argos defeated Edmonton 23-0.

1928 Olympics in Amsterdam

The Canadian team won 15 medals in an outstanding Olympic performance.

Canadian Radio Broadcaster

Foster Hewitt was a Canadian Radio Broadcaster. He was one of the first hockey radio broadcasts. Foster Hewitt was known for enticing Canadians with his enthusiastic voice when broadcasting a hockey game.


The Schooner Bluenose won a number of international sailing events. Captain Angus Walters and his racing crew of 32 men were one of the most successful teams in sailboat racing history.