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This Is NOT MLM Program | Does it work?

The ThisIsNOTMLM program by Vic Hutchinson is a membership program that provide exclusive training, techniques on all aspects of internet marketing. Even if your a veteran, we have training for you. From simple beginners training like forum marketing, social network marketing, building a blog and ranking your blog on Google and other major search engines to advance training like imacros, YouTube video ranking and much much more.

In order to get access to these training, which is always updated to keep up with the always changing internet, there is an admin fee of $21. Its literately the cheapest price you can pay online to learn internet marketing. BUT! don't let the low price fool you. This is by far, in my opinion the best and most complete training today.

Coming from a no nonsense guy who tells the truth. you'll be amazed at how truthful this guy is. Once you pay the admin fee you'll get the files and tutorial to get an invite page and start promoting the program yourself.

Now to the good part. (you mean there's more) YUP! that was just the teaser! There is a second part to the membership that cost $100 per month that has exclusive software that can be resold by paying members, including blackhat software that get you millions of traffic to any site. Plus more training and always updated to keep an edge.

What makes this so brilliant.... Drumroll pls..... You get to resell the $100 monthly site!

Lets break it down...

1. You join by opting in (entering your name and email)

2. You'll then be redirected to the admin fee page where you pay the $21

3. You'll get an email from Vic with the files you need to start promoting ThisIsNOTMLM program.

4. People will opt-in to your autoresponder saying they want in and they'll pay the fee and get the training and promotional tools.

5. (the great Part) On the 1st of the month you'll send YOUR Paypal button for your op-tins to pay the $100 for the upgrade. You get the entire $100 from everybody who upgrades through YOUR Paypal button! Full %100 commissions.

In order to get your Paypal buttons you must pay your sponsor the $100 (on the 1st) but that's o.k you got an entire 30 days to sponsor how many people (who'll pay you) that you desire.

Question: How many people you think you could get to raise their hand and say, "yea, I'll pay you $100 dollars on the 1st for the best Internet Marketing training on the net." How many?

Only 20 people can add $2,000 to your income monthly, but as with everything in this world we live in... including a J.O.B nothing is guaranteed and results vary. It all depends on YOU.

Are you going to take action?

Once everything is set up (Vic will hold your hand and make sure it is set up) all required of you is advertising. Getting people to raise their hand!


Well click the link below... Watch the video... and op-tin and pay the $21 fee.... see you on the 1st. :)

Instantly Add $2,000 to Your Income by Vic Hutchinson


Contact me: serious inquries only for the ThisIsNotMLM Program thx