Death Penalty in Kentucky

It shall be kept !!!


Many people kill others cruelly or commit capital crimes, yet they still get to live there life in jail. So Kentucky should keep the death penalty because it will solve further crimes, its less cruel, and it honors the victim in the situation. it can also be cheaper at times.

Guilt problems

Some people may say innocent people can be killed with the death penalty, but only around a hundred cases were not 100% guilt, upon thousands of cases for the death penalty


Currently 18 states are abolishing the death penalty , but Kentucky hasn't yet, and i believe we should keep it for many reasons. In the states that have abolished the death penalty, the support is the stickiest


  1. Less cruel
  2. Cheaper at times
  3. Solves further crime
  4. Honors Victim


According to 60% of americans still support the death Penalty.