The Constitutional Convention

A Detailed Look at the Event that Changed America

The Constitutional Convention Itself

The Constitutional Convention convened on May 25, 1787, to either amend the Articles of Confederation or to create a new form of government. So with 55 delegates and two rival plans, the convention began and ended by radically changing the country forever. There were a few problems that came up along the way, people were hot and arguing and it is hard to get 55 men to all agree and be able to discuss civilly. Also keeping it a secret amongst themselves turned out to be a struggle.

The New Jersey Plan

The New Jersey Plan, or the small state plan was a plan presented by William Peterson on June 15, 1787. This planned called for equal representation in the legislature of the United States Government. The plan was effectively an amendment to the Articles of Confederation. It called for a stronger national government but equal one votes for every state.

The Virginia Plan

The Virgina plan that was drafted by James Madison and presented by Edmund Rudolph on May 29, 1787. It proposed the idea of three branches with checks and balances. Also with a two house basis just both based on state population and with the lower being for a 3 year term and the upper being for a 7 year term.

Supporters of the New Jersey Plan

William Patterson was the second governor of New Jersey and an associate justice on the supreme court. (First Photo)

Luther Martin refused to sign the Constitution because he felt that it violated states rights. (Second Photo)

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Supporters of the Virginia Plan

James Madison was a political theorist, that also became the fourth president of the United States of the America. (First photo)

Edmund Randolph was the seventh governor of Virginia, the second secretary of the state, and the first attorney General. (Second Photo)

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