Hosey Headlines

May 8, 2017

Field Day T-Shirts

Mrs. Camp and I decided that since we have such original students, we would let them wear whatever shirt that they want for Field Day. Please check their choice for inappropriate language and images. Since the kids will be running around, spaghetti straps are not appropriate.

Pioneers Simulation

Last week we left Ft. Independence, MO, and are slowly headed west. The kids have already seen what happens when you don't pack your wagon well. In the coming days, they will encounter the same problems that the pioneers of the early to late 1800's experienced.

BuzzMath and our Math Final

In two weeks we will take our math final. (Dr. Martin wants the reading and math finals given before May 25th.) If your child has Internet access at home, he or she has access to BuzzMath at home. I suggest that the kids go back and complete the activities they never did. This way these skills will be fresh in their mind come test time.

Avi Novels and Reading Final

The kids are totally enjoying their Avi novels. When I overhear kids discussing the book they are reading, while I am working with another group, I am in teacher heaven. We have been focusing on characters throughout the novel. We will also look at author's craft and try to figure out why Avi uses certain techniques in his writing.

We are still using our basal series during whole group reading. This week we are reading King Midas.

The School for Good and Evil

I have read The School for Good an Evil to my class the last few years. I was going to skip it this year, but after speaking with two of our class moms, I have decided to start reading it today. It delves into many themes like; appearances can be deceiving, true friendship, what makes good good, and evil evil, etc.. It also references fairy tales. (Our last major writing of the year will be a fairy tale.) I am sure the kids will enjoy it as much as my last three classes did.