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December 2015

What happens in the HMS library? Gone are the days of simply checking out books, although supporting and promoting reading are still important in our daily lives. Now, we do that and so much more. Curious? Read on!

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A Reminder About Our eBooks and Devices that Support Them

As the holidays approach and eReaders are considered for gift-giving, remember: the HMS Library has OVER 400 eBOOK TITLES available for our students to borrow. They are loaned (electronically, of course) for two weeks at a time, completely free of charge! Most of our books are available in both Kindle and ePub formats, so whatever device you have - even a computer - it will likely work!

To borrow, your child will need three things (in addition to a device):
1. Access to the HMS Library web site which has the link to OverDrive (our eBook provider).
2. A library card number, which is the student's HMS Library number (7 digits long; begins with the expected year of graduation).
3. PIN, which is the student's last name, all lower case (case-sensitive).

Enjoy reading, no matter what the format!


We very recently received word that the HMS Library has received the following:
From YEF: Joan Adler and Merry Stuhr received a grant for custom-sized glass whiteboard table tops for every table in the HMS Library!
From PTO: We received funding for a new iPad Mini and a new "Buoy" chair!

Once all of these items are in place we will provide more details, along with PHOTOS!

Our deepest gratitude to both YEF and PTO for these wonderful additions that will benefit every student at Harrison Middle School!

The HMS Library in Action!

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Fifth Graders Explore the World Through a Mini-Inquiry

This fall, our (new-to-the-building) fifth graders had a series of library orientation classes to help them become familiar with their new library while also experiencing the Inquiry process! Here, in a nutshell, is what the process looked like:
• Students explored the entire nonfiction section, writing down titles/topics that looked exciting and intriguing.
• Options were narrowed down to one topic, then......
• What would you like to know about your topic?
• What sparks your curiosity about this topic?
• Has anything confused you about it that you'd like to clear up?
• Each student brainstormed questions about his/her topic, then.....
• Students each had a resource to use for research.
• We had a lesson on the Dot Jot method of notetaking, which helps students engage with what they're reading and also helps prevents plagiarism.
• We also learned how to cite sources, MLA-style, using the online bibliography tool, NoodleTools.
• As students worked, they amazed others at their table with what they were finding.
• Some felt a little frustrated that they couldn't find answers to all their questions so we had a class discussion about this since some of the best questions in the world are still unanswered!
• We had a whole-class sharing time where each student could share the most exciting or interesting things they discovered about their topic.
• Others in the class had an opportunity to ask questions of them. (This was amazing! We all learned some fascinating things which sparked new personal inquiries for many of us.)
• Students were asked to reflect about what they had discovered. (It was impressive to see the deep thinking that went into nearly all of these reflections.)

Truly, we live in an amazing world where EVERY DAY IS AN ADVENTURE!

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