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These are questions and statements presented by community members. A statement was also included by request of a member of the community. If you asked a question and it is not answered here it is because we have not received an answer. We will update with new questions as we receive answers.

Additional Questions


:Why are we even considering a single trash option?

A:1. If the community is gated, we will have to pave and repair our own roads. We cannot have multiple trash companies creating additional wear and tear on our roads.

2. If the community does not gate we are looking at an option to have ONE collection day for our entire neighborhood because many community members have said that they would like to see this happen. This will reduce the traffic on our roads and we will not have trash cans on our streets every day of the week. We cannot possibly make everyone happy with the company choice. The company that has been chosen has offered us a good price for a consistent service. This is a give and take scenario. You might have a different day for trash than you want but there will be less traffic inside the neighborhood.

Q: What is the price for bulk service with Red Oak?

A: Red Oak will charge $25 for bulk service pick ups. This must be arranged by the resident through Red Oak. They used to do one free pick up but that has gone away with the labor shortage.

Q: Will Red Oak pick up my yard waste?

A: Red Oak will pick up 5 bags of yard waste per week as part of our service agreement.


Q: What if I miss buzzing in a service person?

A: Gates will be an adjustment, if you have scheduled a service person to come to your house, you will have to be more aware of your phone. This will just take a little getting used to.

Q: What will happen during inclement weather or icy conditions?

A: The gate will be opened during these times as we do not want residents sliding into the gates and damaging them.

Q: What happens if there is a power outage?

A: The gates will open when a power issue is detected. You will never be locked in our out of the neighborhood.

Q: Who is in charge of the gates?

A: A volunteer will be the "gatekeeper". This position will be supported by the Board. The gatekeeper will handle gate issues and open the gates when necessary. This person will also have a manual key to open the gates in case of some failure.

Q: What if I am having a party or event?

A: The resident can register an event with the gatekeeper and the gates can be opened for a 2 hour period of time.

Q: If I am understanding correctly if we gate the neighborhood, I have to be in a position to press 9 on my iPhone every time a vendor needs to stop by my home. While this likely works when I need to be home to have someone enter my house (i.e. to repair something inside, deliver furniture, install an appliance) Will I have to reschedule if I miss the call which realistically will likely happen/can happen for a number of reasons.

A: This risk can be mitigated by entering all household phone numbers in the system so that the vendor can call the other numbers if one number doesn't pick up. Also, you can name that gate phone number GATE in your contacts so you know when you are receiving such a call.

Q: I understand emergency vehicles and school buses can get in whenever they need to but what about USPS/FedEx/UPS/Amazon that come through the neighborhood everyday for the benefit of delivering to multiple neighbors?

A: Amazon has a special technology that enables them to enter gated communities. Shiloh Farms HOA will provide USPS/ FedEx/ UPS with a gate number they will use for entry. Each may have a separate number to enable our transaction reports to accurately monitor gate activity. You may have to buzz in a seasonal driver (new driver) that does not know the process.

Q: How long does it take for the gate to open or close for each vehicle?

A: 6-7 seconds.

Q: If we gate, do all current traffic signals (stop signs, cross walk lights, etc) still remain?

A: We have no plans to remove current stop signs, cross walk lights etc. in our community. Internal traffic and valid external traffic should continue to observe appropriate safe driving standards.

Q: Are the gates reliable during very cold or hot conditions? Believe it or not I have seen gated communities that had to disable their gates at times due to hot or cold temperatures that were seemingly not that extreme for their given location.

A: Our gate vendor was not aware of any issues with higher temperatures. He was aware of one situation when a gate malfunctioned under prolonged freezing weather when the gate was not used. Under such conditions we could leverage our scheduling software to keep the gates open. We would also have emergency support arrangements with our gate vendor.

Q: While I am aware camera's have captured vehicles running the Stop signs and speeding on many occasions, can you share how many traffic accidents have actually occurred on the Shiloh Farms roads we are proposing to gate over the past couple of years? Similarly how many people/pets have been struck or run over by vehicles traveling through the roadway we are proposing to gate over the last couple of years?

A: There was one bad accident a couple of years ago that got the conversation going about gates. A board member personally witnessed a bad dog accident in the last two years. Fortunately, there haven't been too many accidents yet. However, risks will inevitably increase with population increases in our popular area. The board has also heard many stories of near-accidents at the Belmont entrance when incoming traffic runs the stop sign at high speed and fails to notice residents arriving at the junction before them. The Board also has an inquiry with the county to provide the neighborhood with the traffic study that was already done on Shiloh Road and police reports associated with our area. We will release whatever the county releases to us.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of transmitters and/or access cards a family can purchase?

A: No practical limit for a neighborhood our size. Also, the visitor Call Box system allows 3,000 directory entries and 8,000 devices.

Q:Is it possible for residents to get a gate code like the UPS/FedEx/USPS/garbage truck drivers will be getting (i.e. to avoid lockout if one forgets their transmitter or access card or cell phone)?

A: Yes. Any resident can open the visitor gate by entering a 4 digit unique code. Residents can also enter both gates via a transmitter or access card.

Q: Does the transmitter pair with any vehicle manufacturer installed accessories (i.e. HomeLink) or will those continue to only work with garage doors?

A: The gate vendors we are working with have no current plans to support Homelink access. We also want to accurately track gate usage and a Homelink interface would not support that.

Q: Any plan or future release for an iPhone/Android app that opens the gates?

A: Any phone can remotely open a gate if someone calls them from the visitor call box; but there are no current plans to allow residents to use phones in the same way as transmitters or access cards.

Q: Is there any circumstance (or HOA provision) under which resident access (via transmitter or access card or code) can be revoked assuming I continue to legally own (or rent) a home in Shiloh Farms?

A: All residents who legally own a home in our community will always be able to open the gates. It is technically possible to disable individual transmitters and access cards but there are no current plans for the HOA Board to leverage that capability.

Q: How long does the gate backup battery last? How long does it power the gates for after a power outage? How often does it have to be replaced?

A: Battery's need to be replaced every 4-5 years. In the event of a power outage the gates will automatically open until the power is restored. When power is restored they will automatically close and resume normal operations.

Q: Can you comment on any safety features that the gates include? i.e. with regards to preventing electrocution, preventing kids/animals from climbing or getting stuck in it, etc.

A: The Call Box system is low voltage and the gate operators are concealed. Moving gates can cause injury and standard signs will be used to warn people not to play on the gates. Such accidents are very rare.

Q: Do the gates only prevent vehicles and bikers that do not live in our neighborhood from passing through without being granted access?

A: Yes. The primary goal is to eliminate cut through traffic. There are no current plans to prohibit pedestrian or biker access.

Q: Can you explain the concept of gated/private road as it relates to people who do not live in Shiloh Farms but can currently jog or hike through our neighborhood on foot? Are they still legally allowed/technically able to do so?

A: There are no current plans to prohibit pedestrian or biker access. Gated communities without security personnel reduce access from unwelcome visitors but do not eliminate such access.

Comment that wanted to be noted by community member: (not affiliated with the Board)

Please comment on the additional security afforded by having our community gated. Not just by the decreased traffic, but by the fact that random individuals passing through the neighborhood are prevented from being allowed in our community.

We constantly have unknown cars parked and hanging out in our parking area within the amenities. While people will still be able to walk in, the stopping and parking in the parking lot will be limited.

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