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Moving? Why not spend your life here!

We are a beautiful small village on the side of a hill top with amazing views. We grow our own farm fresh food, and have annual festivals! We are all the same race brought together as one community.
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Rule Reminders!

  1. No provocative clothing worn outside of the home
  2. You must be over 18 and licensed to drive the carts
  3. Noise restriction is from 11pm to 5am
  4. Families must volunteer to participate in events and/or competitions at festivals
  5. The oldest of the house hold must attend the monthly village meetings

Health care

Health care is provided free to any individual who has not committed a major offence to the community. The clinics provide medicine to anyone who has the right to use it. Doctors are on call every day and night in the case of an emergency. Doctors need to be certified in the medical field, and have had past nursing experience. Doctors must not have a criminal record, otherwise they will be released from their career immediately.


In our beautiful utopia, we feature the freedom of equality, where no man or woman rules our peaceful village. We select chairs by experience and cunning. Jobs are accepted by the ability level of the individual. Money is earned by following the rules and attending work.

The Chair Leaders

As a community our village is run by a group of 11 chair leaders. They keep the community in line with their strict rules. However, making sure that our people have their say and freedoms. Our meetings are weekly and once a month we have an open night for the community to come and voice their opinion to the chairs.


Money is earned by doing the things expected of you, attending work regularly (we understand unpredictable situations, causing you to miss work). However missing work is irresponsible, without a proper doctor release recommendation letter. Missing more than two days a month without proper notice will cause in immediate termination of your current career.

Baker wanted

  • work the cashier
  • must be friendly
  • bakes fresh breads daily

Janitor Needed

  • Must have prior janitorial experience
  • Must complete a total of 20 training hours
  • Has to have a flexible night schedule

Construction Workers needed

  • Must have no previous offences against the village
  • Must work whenever called
  • Must be able bodied

Event planner

  • Has to be an enjoyable charismatic person
  • Needs to have a sense or humor
  • Must have an understanding for time management