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Is your team building capacity among the teaching staff? How have you decided to provide support for your new teachers? What PD is necessary for your experienced teachers? Always think about ways to support and challenge your teaching staff in order to support growth. Remember, the largest room in the world is the room for improvement and we should embrace the idea that we can learn new things. Most importantly, we can all improve our approach to providing quality instruction so that student achievement will improve.

As you are doing your SPOT observations, please pay attention to how the kids are engaged. First of all, is it purposeful aligned instruction? Are you using the ELPS standards to engage and address the learning needs of the diverse student population in your building? Are your students mastering the lesson objective daily? How do you know? Please make sure that you are intentionally responsive to the needs of your children so the student achievement levels will continue to improve. Please consider reviewing "Good First Instruction" as a reminder of instructional best practices and also the instructional practices that are non-negotiable.

As we prepare for a new week, instructional related practices that shape your culture such as PLCs and data meetings should be fully functioning. Please monitor and focus what standards are being taught, how they are being taught, and how well they are being taught based on your assessments (outcomes). As a leader, how you give teachers feedback will cause growth for all. Feedback and modeling are your greatest tools that will support capacity building.

Also, make sure that you are a great communicator because you are the voice of your campus. You should respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. It is your responsibility as the campus leader to communicate effectively and professionally to your school community. Great principals spend valuable time around sense making and communicating with those who they serve. You must make sure that you stay on top of reviewing the WAIP and also disseminating the information that is included through oral or written communication. Your office manager is your best help to print the WAIP memorandums and review them frequently with you each week.

We will continue to spend time reading our book "Monday Morning Leadership," and our discussions will focus on Chapter 3, "Escape from Management Land." Please reflect on "Passengers and Drivers" from Chapter 1 and also knowing your "Main Thing" related to Chapter 2 in order to improve your leadership skills. I'm proud that several of you are sharing this book with your leadership teams in order to build team capacity. As a best practice, please share the "Systemic Coaching Cycle" with your leadership team and this will help you prepare for your mid-year review.

Let's focus on instructional excellence this week as we do things collaboratively as a team. We can and we will be successful with all of our students in the Roosevelt Feeder pattern. Go Team!

Stay strong and Keep the faith!


Harold L. Wright

Executive Director of School Leadership

Roosevelt Feeder Schools

What Great Principals Do Differently


12th-Assistant Principals' Focus Group

12th-Parent Teacher Conferences High Schools

13th-Principal for a Day

13th-Parent Teacher Conferences Middle Schools

13th- Feeder Pattern meeting at Harrell Budd at 1 p.m.

15th-Parent Teacher Conferences Elementary Schools

16th-Secondary Fair day

16th-Elementary Data Meeting is cancelled

16th- PBMAS reports distributed

19th- Professional Development Day

21st- DISD intervention staging determined

21st- District-wide Principals' Meeting @ Hulcy @ 1 p.m.

28th- District-wide Assistant Principals' Meeting @ Hulcy @ 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

30th- PEIMS snapshot date


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Be sure to read the TEI NEWS emails that come from DISDNEWS each week.

October 15

  • Compensation adjusted upward for select teachers based on 2014-2015 results

October 23

  • New SLOs for teachers impacted by leveling must be submitted

November 5

  • 1st DTR Application Deadline

December 15

  • SLO Goal-Accomplishment submitted (one semester course only)


All location meetings will be at Conrad H.S.

Tuesday, November 10th 4:45-5:45p.m

Tuesday, January 12th 4:45-5:45p.m

Tuesday, February 23rd 4:45-5:45p.m

Tuesday, March 22nd 4:45-5:45p.m

Tuesday, May 17th 4"45-5:45p.m

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Often success at a difficult task depends as much on our frame of mind as it does on our skill. Our approach to a problem, or our attitude, influences the degree to which we may excel. In education as in the workplace, positive habits and mind sets enable us to reach our potential and meet the needs of a complex and challenging world. Positive habits and mind sets speak to our strength of character, our approach to life, and our attitude toward learning. One could argue that developing good habits and mind sets is just as important as learning how to read and write.
Be at school and be on time includes getting to class on time. By requiring teachers and students to be on time, we send the message that school and the classes are important. We help develop the teachers' and students’ sense of responsibility, and we help break some teachers and students of the habit of making weak excuses.

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Please encourage your teachers to attend the ACP viewings being offered. Elementary viewings will be held at Adamson HS and secondary will be at the Buckner Building.


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14--PSAT (Grade 10)

9-16-The fall administration window for the ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screener is now open for ALL students in grades 2-4 (ESTAR) and grades 5-8 (MSTAR). If you have not received your student login information, please contact Lucy Ford. For more information about ESTAR/MSTAR


Dec-Jan--Written Compositions (K-12)

7--STAAR EOC English 1 (9-12)

9--STAAR EOC English II (9-12)

7-11--STAAR EOC Algebra I, Biology, US History (9-12)

10-18--ACP (K-5)

15-18--ACP (6-12)


6-27--Isaton's ISIP Assessment MOY (K-2)

Dallas ISD Core Beliefs

  • The main thing is to improve student achievement

  • Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic performance

  • There is no excuse for poor quality instruction

  • At risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at risk students

  • Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence