Battle of Dieppe

August 19, 1942


  • The battle happened between the fall of France in June 1940 and the Normandy landings in June 1944
  • August 19, 1942


Port of Dieppe on the Northwest coast of France


  • Canadian troops
  • US troops contributed in small numbers, mostly as observers and to gain battle experience


  • 1st combat employment of both Canadian and American ground troops in Europe during WWII
  • The raid had several objectives, most weren't meant
  • British Commandos achieved some success in their missions on the flanks of the landing area
  • Canadian landings achieved little success
  • Some areas were disastrous in terms of the casualties suffered
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Battle of Dieppe

Canada's Contirbution

  • There were 5000 Canadian troops involved
  • Heroism- 2 Canadians earned Victoria Cross who were once imprisoned by Germany

Historical Significance

  • The 2 Canadians who were awarded the Victoria Cross were named: Cecil Merritt, John W. Foote
  • Although there were many Canadians lost, many lessons were learnt for future battle encounters