ELC Newsletter

January 15th, 2016

January 18th , 2016 In Service

Teachers from ELC and FLC will meet in the FLC Library from 8-just before 10. The meeting will review Learning Targets, FIRST, and notes from the Eric Jensen Activity. There will be cross grade level activities and discussion. Grades 6-12 will be meeting together as well, reviewing the same topics.

At 10-12:00, United Health Care will come and describe aspects of our new Health Care, and take everyone through myunhc.com as well. It would be wise to bring along your iPads or a device to further look into this resource that you have access to.

PALS Webinar Information

In January and February, PALS is continuing to offer webinars at 4:00 PM. On January 19th, the topic is " Progress Monitoring with PALS Mid Year and Quick Checks. The next one is on February 16th at 4:00 PM. The topic is COW: As we know this is Concept of Word, and Why it Matters. They continue to offer the webinars on the third Tuesday of each month and the information for March will be on Comprehension strategies at each developmental reading stage. Below is the website to join via computer or phone:


Using your phone, you can call in at 1-872-240-3412. The Access Code is 619-446-869

4K Registration Dates are Set

It is hard to believe but it is time for the 4K Informational Meetings that we have in the ELC Cafeteria. This year, once again, we will have two meetings. The first one will be on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at 6:00-7:00 PM, and the second meeting will be on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 at 6:00 PM. Childcare will be provided again, and the parents will come in to learn about the three sites we have.

Many of you already know that this is the last year for Divine Savior 4K and that next year, we might use the site, but the District will be hopefully hiring a 4K teacher of its own. The name of the 4K site will be Junior Oriole Academy. We will keep in partnership with Head Start and with Arts for Kids 4K as well, so we will have 3 sites still, and the number of sections we will have, depends as always on registration numbers.

At the registration and informational meetings, parents are able to put down their first two choices for 4K. Now they will choose between Junior Oriole Academy, Arts for Kids, and Head Start. Letters will go out to perspective families as well as information being placed in the paper and on our District website.

OASYS Dates and Reminders

New Teachers: Interim Performance Conferences will be set up between myself and each of you.

Mid Year SLO/PPG Review: Date TBD; With STAR testing being completed, the PLC teams can look at completing this to determine who is on track

February 15th: Class surveys are due for the year 1,2, staff. New teachers already did their second survey. You will now complete the section entitled Survey Analysis, after the second survey.

STAR Testing

Several of you have shared that you are finished with your STAR testing and have begun to look at results. Can each of you please print off a class profile for me, and hand it in my basket? Data comparisons can be discussed within the PLC, and strategies for work with specific students can be developed. I have already heard that you have some surprising results on some students! Great job and work everyone!

Up and Coming Events at ELC

Monday, January 18th: In Service Day: No school for K-12, Arts for Kids and Divine Savior 4K: Head Start 4K will be in session at ELC.

Monday, February 1, and Tuesday, February 2: Head Start Parent Teacher Conferences are held. Conferences are held for the most part at the student's home.

Tuesday, February 9th: 7:45 ELC Staff Meeting; 6:00 PM First 4K Informational Meeting

Thursday, February 11th: 7:00 AM 4K Staff meeting in ELC Library

Friday, February 19th: Mental Health Training Day for Instructional Assistants

Tuesday, February 23, and Thursday, February 25th: Parent Teacher Conferences for K-5, Arts for Kids 4k

2/22,2/23, and 2/24: Parent Teacher Conferences for Divine Savior

2/26: No School: Conference Off set day

My Out of Building Times: Week of January 18-22

January 19: 9:00-11:00 Admin Meeting; 12:00 Meet with CSI Coordinator at District Office

January 20: 7:45: IEP at FLC; 11:00 Trauma Informed Care Workgroup in FDL;

January 21: 12:30 Observation at FLC; 2:00 MPTC student interview, then planning meeting

January 22: 7:45 FLC Special Education Meeting; 9-11:00 4K Report Card Meeting in District Office; 1:45 Medical appointment.