LV Technology

By Griffin

Learn to type.

  • In typing web I learned that...
  • Typing is a very important skill to learn.
  • Plus many employers look for people who are skilled at typing.
  • Next you can make a simple mistake without proper typing.


  • iTrailer helped me by...
  • Helping me understand how to make things more interesting.
  • Plus it was a fun program.
  • Next it tauaght me how to make a good movie.

Haiku Deck

  • In haiku deck I won't forget...
  • It showed many interesting jobs in the world.
  • This helped me choose what jobs I might want.
  • It showed different jobs.

Explain Everything.

  • In Explain everything.
  • It taught me to do things better and in more depth.
  • Also it helped me learn there can be many steps for one answer.
  • Next one step can effect the rest of the problem.

Go Animate

  • It helped me understand that I can do what I want with computers.
  • Next it also helped me practice typing.
  • And it motivated me to do more of them.

Career Locker

  • I learned that many jobs are out there and you have to choose the right one.
  • Plus if a job does not interest you you should not go for it.
  • Next many jobs require a high degree for it so you should work hard.