Pharmacy Medical Careers

Info about it!


A pharmacist will basically give the medicine to the patient assigned by the prescription given from the doctor.

Education and training

Pharmacist will usually do prerequisite courses in college first, and get a bachelors. They are required to do the Pharm D program and take the test as well. Each state has its own test and rules for becoming a pharmacist.

Skills needed to be one

Pharmacist are like medicine doctors, so its important to get to know your patients and be a friendly, chatable person.

Basically one must be friendly, easily approachable, and helpful.

How much money do they make?

New pharmacist who are just getting into their job and settling in can make from 60,000 to 80,000 a year, eventually after experience and good work, that can jump from 100,000 to 120,000.


Pharmacists are needed everywhere, from Walgreens to Hospitals so its a widely ranging job in term of locations. It is a growing job because people are only getting more sick everyday, and they need medicine.

My aptitude

I believe I can be kind to my patient and get to know them. I can work on the job itself during college but I believe I have the personality it needs to be able to fill the responsibility.