Oscar Schindler,

A very great man!

He should be in our books!

Oscar Schindler was a very brave man. During World War II he built up a factory and his workers were Jews. When Nazi started killing lots of Jews, he made a list for the Nazi so he could have his people and nothing would happen to them. Oscar did everything in his power so they wouldn't be killed and stayed with him. When the war was over he had to hide because he would have been arrested for what he did for the Jews. All the Jews were thankful because he saved many lives. He felt bad that he had to let them go because he didn't have enough money to keep them anymore. People today still visit his grave and thank him for what he has done.

He may not be in our books but people will remember him!

He brought a good things to a bad time!

Everybody was at a bad time when this happened because of the war going on. Jews were dying and lots of people were having troubles with finding jobs. Oscar brought the Jews hope, jobs, and a chance to live. If he didn't do what he did a lot more people would have died and they wouldn't get the chance to be alive today and see it all end. Oscar was very brave and even though he was doing what was against the law, he still did it anyways for some Jews to have a chance.