By: Emma and Moran

Aspects of Green Chemistry

This Image demonstrates the 8 aspects included in making green chemistry possible! (click to enlarge)

12 Principals of Green Chemistry!

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Regulations for Companies Marketing Things as "Green"

  • Your products must be significantly better, in environmental terms, than the competition, or else you will be viewed as a hypocrite as well as losing the sale
  • You must provide clear, persuasive and comprehensive information on what sets your product apart environmentally
  • You should monitor competitors to see whether they are developing products almost as green as yours, but without the price and quality trade-offs. You can keep ahead of the green development curve by minimizing the sacrifices required to purchase or use your product.

What Makes Green Products More Appealing to Customers

  • The more that people believe that the efforts of an individual can make a difference in the solution to environmental problems, the greater their likelihood of buying green.
  • Perceived knowledge appears to contribute to perceived consumer effectiveness. the greater people perceive their knowledge to be about buying recycled content and source reduced products, the more likely they are to do so.
  • It also all depends on their interest in and willingness to purchase green products.

Products we were interested in working on:

  • clothing
  • cleaning products
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • shoes
  • plastic containers
  • water bottles