Final Enrichment Study Group Update

End of the Year!

I cannot believe the end of the 2015-2016 school year is fast approaching. We have completed our Math and Art unit. It was exciting to watch the different areas that interested students during this unit. Most students have completed at least one (and many two or three) types of art using tessellations.

Please look for end of year work to be coming home. I have kept most student work so that it can come home at the end of the year together. Also, know that students have work saved on their google drives. These drives are accessible from home and you can see what they have done.

For our final few lessons in ESG we will be studying crime scene investigation. These activities will be high interest and science based. First we will classify fingerprints and apply this knowledge to solve a "crime."

Please know that this year with your children has been a great teaching year for me. I have grown and learned from them. They are insightful, humorous, inquisitive, and tenacious learners. I look forward to watching with delight what they work hard to achieve in the future.