Local News Update



What I think it means to be Media Literate… today just looking around us we are connected and the way we are connected is evident that it is by social media and just media in general but specially all these social networks that connect us it has become our primary source of media . If anyone today doesn’t have a Facebook a twitter, or an Instagram in anyone’s opinion today that person is media illiterate. Media today makes up such a big part of our lives and it truly does connect us with people all over the world. We use to pay for long distance calls to talk on the phone with family members in other countries when today we get on Facebook, Skype or Oovoo, and have full conversations and also see their actual reactions and facial expressions is like seeing them in person . To be Media literate is to have life made easier …is to be able to talk to anyone and be able to get instructions, directions , talk to family members you haven’t seen in years and even met a special someone .

Media can impact our lives in a positive or negative way people are involved and participate in all kinds of activities but we are changing so quickly and everything and everyone around us is moving everything happens so fast. We are all young and many times we do things without thinking it can create many drama, gossip but we shouldn’t let the bad things out shine the great things that media has.