Geoffrey Chaucer

"The Father of Literature"

Geoffrey Chaucer is a great English poet who lived from 1343 to October 25th, 1400. He was born in London, England and attended the school of St. Paul's Cathedral. What influenced Geoffrey Chaucer to start writing were Virgil and Ovid; who were known as two great poets.

Chaucer lived an eventful life. He fought in the Hundred Years War, did traveling all throughout Europe for when he joined Royal Service, and even lived in the English Court; retiring to Kent as he got older. He served under King Edward III, King Richard II, and King Henry IV. All three greatly trusted him and also paid him. But, his patrons were also John of Gaunt, First Duke of Lancaster and Countess Elizabeth of Ulster.

Chaucer's writing mainly revolved around secularism and humanism because it had a lot to do with nobility of mankind and pursuing a well-rounded human existence. He wrote a lot about humans and fundamental human relationships, which were seen in his countless number of poems. Unlike all the other -isms, Chaucer also wrote a lot about religion too and included religion in his poems.

Perhaps his most famous piece is The Canterbury Tales. Created between 1387 and until his death in 1400, Chaucer wrote a 17,000 long-line poem. Canterbury Tales is a timeless classic that revolves around human relationships. This poem highlights a journey that pilgrim take to get from London to Canterbury Cathedral. Each pilgrim tells two tales to help pass time and the best storyteller wins a free supper.

This poem is a timeless classic and one of the most popular poems to ever exist. Not only because it was one of the first poems ever written in English instead of French, but also because of the wide-ranged diversity of each character. Chaucer has characters that symbolize every type of person in the 14th century society England. This piece is intriguing for many reasons, and one of them because of how everyone just enjoys their time together and tries to make the best out of their journey. Friendships grow, people laugh, and everyone is just trying their best to enjoy their journey. If I had to classify this piece under any -ism, I would say secularism just because of the fundamental focus on human and human relationships.

You can find this piece of work anywhere. Millions of copies have been made of this poem and they can be found even at a local Barnes&Nobles or on Amazon. Also, this poem is studied by college students around the world. Canterbury Tales is a hugely successful work of writing that seems like it'll never grow old and unsuccessful.

I have provided a link below to read Canterbury Tales, and it just so happens that it has been translated into Modern English as well so it'll be easier for your understanding.