What We Want In The Rain Forest

By: ADAM WILDMAN (The Loggers)

Why Is It A Good Thing To Cut The Rain Forest Down?

If you think about it, cutting the rain forest could be a good thing. Why it could be a good thing is that it can make furniture so that you can sleep on it like a couch or a bed. Another reason why it is great it provides paper for the kids of the world so they can learn and have something to write on. That is why it is also a good thing to cut down the rain forest.

Us As Loggers

We loggers like to cut trees down it the rain forests. We came into the rain forest in about the mid 1900s and we have cut trees down since that. One reason why we cut trees down is because it is a paying job that we help out our family to get a house for shelter. Another thing is that we provide furniture for others, so I dont know why people want us to stop cutting down the trees. It perfectly fine! That is why we came here and what we do for a living.