Warning- Hurricane Battle Incoming!

Andrew V.S Katrina

Hurricane Andrew- 1992 Hurricane Katrina- 2005

Hurricane Andrew started out as a category 5 when it first hit land. It lowered down to a category 4 when it hit the Golf of Mexico. Andrew Did 26.5 billion dollars worth of damage and had 65 confirmed deaths.

Hurricane Katrina started out as a Category 5 like Hurricane Andrew. But when it hit Florida it lost speed and was a category 3, when it got to the Golf it sped back up still staying a 3 until it hit Georgia and became a category 4. Katrina did 181 billion dollars worth of damage and had a amount of 1,883 confirmed deaths.

Who Won?

Hurricane Katrina

Andrew and Katrina had many differences and similarities. Both Hurricanes did BILLIONS of dollars worth of damage and they both killed families and or family members. They both started out as category 5's and lowered categories in The Golf.

The differences are that Katrina Did a lot more damage and killed much more people.

Katrina one with the flooding and destruction/kills it had.