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Week of April 20-24 - Online Education Newsletter


April 19, 2020
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We Miss You- From Deretchin Teachers & Staff to our Students!


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Moving over the Summer?

If you are not returning to Deretchin/McCullough for the 2020-2021 school year please email Cory Ognisty (Registrar) at In the email include your child/s Student Id number(not their name) and where your child will be attending. This can be what country, state or name of the school. Current 6th graders not attending McCullough next year, please let me know, so I can withhold records sent to McCullough, otherwise this will delay records requests for your new school.

Video Conferencing Expectations

1. This is a classroom environment -- Please have kids sit up in an open space when on a call. Therefore, students should not be lying on their bed or in an enclosed space.

2. Conferences will be in small groups or whole class with the teacher. There will be no one on one conferences.

3. Dress code expectations are: Please dress appropriately for a classroom environment. Shirts with sleeves should be worn. No tank tops, No swimsuits, No tube tops, etc.

5. If there is inappropriate behavior from a child, the parent will be contacted.

6. All calls will be recorded.

Please click on your child's grade level below and it will take you to this week's lesson plans.

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Pillar of the Month - RESILIENCE

Habit of the Week

Always try your best!

Motivation and Effort

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Where are YOU on the Roller Coaster?

This roller coaster is called "The Reality Ride" for a reason! Life is full of bumps and problems -some we can control, and many that we can't. When things get hard, remember only YOU can choose which track you take - the "Easy-Fast" track or the "Harder But Worth It" track. When we crash, we ALWAYS have the ability and choice to get back on the ride and start again. Look closely at the Harder But Worth It it always smooth and easy? No! But that is the only track where you have support - from parent, family, teachers, and counselor :)


Stay safe and make good choices, Dragons!

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