It's All About Ms Leong Zi Qi!

I-Week 2015 Head of Multech Department

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Why Multech?

Passion – the main reason of Leong Zi Qi to join Multech Department. Leong Zi Qi, second year student of Bachelor Accounting, joined as a junior member of Multech Department of Accounting Students Conference (ASC) 2014 since her very first semester, session of 2014/2015. Multech department was her very first choice of department which she applied for. Why would she do so? This is because she is interested in this department and she was impressed with the videos created in I-Week 2014. Since that time, she had developed a strong will to learn how to do all the multimedia related skills.

No Pain No Gain

Ms. Zi Qi has gained lots of soft skills besides the knowledge from her roles in Multech Department as a Junior Member as well as a Head of Department. When she joined as a Junior Member, she started to learn all the related technical skills such as handling PA system, video editing and etc. As a Head of Department, she has improved herself in decision-making, which she was poor at before she was given this golden opportunity to become a leader. Besides time management, she also has learned how to manage her department to emphasize on bonding-based but not just merely working based as she said: “Just merely working-based without bonding among members isn’t special but boring and the effectiveness in producing a good work can’t reach its maximum.”

Values are indeed important!

Moreover, she has also learnt a few of the values from this department. First of all, she learnt that patient is an essential to stay in Multech Department because video- making is very time consuming. It takes quite a long time to produce a good video that just play for a few seconds. Understanding – the next value that she had gained. Whenever anyone has finished making a video a few steps ahead of his or her teammates, he or she should understand their situation and lend them a hand whenever they faced problems. No man is an island. “This is because, at the end, all the videos made by different members will be combined as one. Thus, don’t just do your own work,” Zi Qi advised.

Source of Zi Qi's Creativity!!!

Perhaps, every one of us might wonder how Ms. Zi Qi gets her inspiration. Her answer to this question is only one word – passion. Passion is her main source of inspiration, which has led her to discover more. In order to survive and success in Multech Department, strong and continuous passion is indeed crucial. It’s the same for the other department. “If you get demotivated, you can’t fulfil any job given well,” mentioned by Zi Qi. UMAC event has a long preparation time, about four to five months. Thus, if you lose your passion, you would not have the determination to succeed.

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Multech Like Never Before!!!


Ms. Zi Qi participates actively in the events organized by UMAC since she was in the first year. What make her do so? “I’m impressed by the way of management of UMAC. It is very well organized, systematic and every event preparation is being kept on track.” These are some of the qualities that UMAC owned, which has prompted her to become a part of UMAC continuously. “I believe this is the right way that a 5-star club should have in their management,” said Zi Qi.

Last but not least!

Ms. Zi Qi has given some useful advice to all the upcoming junior members. “If you want to learn, UMAC is a good platform for you.” Do not take things for granted and disappoint our H.O.D by doing nothing. Do carry out our responsibilities because there are certain reasons for your H.O.D to choose you rather than the others. She hopes that we can do more than the best we could provide.