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I have escaped from jail but I they are looking for me so I have to be quick.The government organization is using neutro headsets which are headsets that you can controll the internet with your brain. But I relized if a computer can be hacked so can a neutro headset resolving access to the brain, and I try to tell people but no one is listening because they ate being controlled by the headsets!! HELP!

Take advice from chase matthews

What you need to do is calm down everything Is going to be ok.No worries I'm sure you will figure out a great plan you are always good at that and you are really brave. Just breathe and think, you got this you will be fine I can promise you that! In hale hold it exhale smile! Focus on what you can control then go for it!

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Have you ever wondered what technology would be like in the future? Great! because you are about to go on an adventure with starring

Zac Efron as Sam Wilson.He has discoverd that he can hack computers and he has quite a few problems ahead of him while hacking into computers! This movie is based on the novel, brain jack by brian falkner you have to see this will sam succeed from all his problems?

Bestfriend Gone Mad

Sam’s best friend was Fargas. They were friends from childhood, Sam and Fargas hacked into Telcomerica, a major telecommunications company and they stole neuro-headsets from the company. Fargas became an addict of the neuro-headset, and gamed himself to death.
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Sam, is wanted for escaping prison