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November 13, 2020


  • Principal's Update
  • Paying your student's fees
  • PTSA & Book Fair!
  • Information from Nurse Nelda - Immunizations
  • Recognize an Outstanding Firebird Nation Staff Member - Click the RISE Logo to the left.

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Updates from the Principal

Good Afternoon Firebird Nation Families -

I hope everyone is doing well and continuing to stay healthy and safe! We greatly missed seeing our students around the school this week; we want to get them back here soon! Let's all work together to encourage social distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitation around our community. We want to see our cases in the county drop so that we can again return to in-person learning!

Our new Firebird RISE program has been a hit! I am seeing lots of points being distributed by our staff and many students receiving points for showing their RISE behaviors. Our staff is continuing to give points even through E-Learning. The store is about to launch next week so students could see what prizes they want to obtain and how much they will cost. We will also have some times available next week, if you would like, for families to drive through and pick up student ID's so that they can access the PBIS program on their app. We will send out information early next week about when you can pick up your student ID. We believe we have received all of the ID's for students that had pictures taken at FMS in October. If you missed getting your picture, then we will have retakes at the end of January where you can also get your ID photo taken as well.

Today is World Kindness Day! This is always a great reminder to make sure and spread kindness throughout our community, especially during these challenging times. I challenge all Firebirds in our community to look for ways to do something kind for others! Today, our registrar, Darlene Hammann, showed kindness by taking time to set up the new Firebird RISE store! Our Broadcasting team recorded a great message in the announcements to promote kindness. Our Student Council shared a video on the power of kindness and what it can do for others. I have seen Firebirds submit Fireball awards for students and staff members where they have made an impact. All of these are awesome ways to help spread a little kindness around...and remember, kindness goes a long way!

We have one more week to go until Thanksgiving Break is here! Let's stay strong and make sure to attend classes and get all of our work done this next week. Remember that we only have 3 weeks after Thanksgiving until the 2nd Quarter ends. This quarter goes by so fast! Students should watch their grades and make sure their assignments are getting turned in so that they get their grades up before the end of the quarter.

Have a great weekend!


Brian Smith

Executive Principal

Falcon Middle School

From the Finance Office - FMS Student Fees

Dear Firebird Nation Family,

Falcon Middle School will soon begin sending Student Account Summaries to families whose student(s) currently have unpaid school fees. Posted fees include, but are not limited to: the grade-level fee, explorer class fees, and/or unpaid class/athletic fees from previous years.

The $20 grade-level fee covers a variety of items and events throughout the school year, such as: a FMS cinch sack, school pride celebrations, guest speakers, science labs, student ID’s and lanyards, in-class projects, team incentive day activities, and interdisciplinary events and projects. The grade-level fee also helps to support our newly-launched PBIS program – which is already a big hit with our students!

Because of our late return to in-person learning during first quarter and our subsequent return to e-learning this week, Falcon Middle School has adjusted first and second quarter Explorer class fees from $5 to $0 for all students. If you paid your student’s first or second quarter Explorer fee prior to November 10, 2020, the payment has either been applied to any outstanding account balance or, if there was none, the payment has been applied as a credit to the account.

For more information about student fees, please refer to Board Policy JQ-R – Student Fees, Fines, and Charges. To view the policy, please click here and then click “policies”, located in the upper right corner of your screen.

To view and pay your student’s fees, log into your Parent Portal account on your computer, not through the phone app. Once you are logged in, click on “Fees and Transportation Services” in the lower left corner - a new window will open, which will allow you to view and pay the fees.

If you need assistance with your Parent Portal account – or if you need a Parent Portal account created – please contact our front office at

If you believe your student qualifies for free or reduced benefits, please contact Jackie Sieben at Once approved, please provide Tina Amos ( with a copy of your approval letter to have your student's fees adjusted.

If you have any questions about student fees, please feel free to contact Tina Amos at

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From Nurse Nelda...

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Falcon Middle School

Executive Principal: Brian Smith

6th Grade Assistant Principal: Tim Scheck

7th Grade Assistant Principal: Kava Lientz

8th Grade Assistant Principal/Athletic Director: Elena Forehand

6th Grade Counselor: Carrie Clay

7th Grade Counselor: Amber Villani

8th Grade Counselor: Lisa Murdock


FMS Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 7:15am-3:30pm

Friday: 7:15am-2:00pm