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Week of November 16-20

Weekly Reflections

It's hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving already! This year is flying by...

IB notes:

I have still not received the official report from the consultant, but would like to let you know a few of the items that were discussed.

TIME. There is never enough hours in the day or days in the week for us to do everything we would like to and need to do.

a) A concern was that I am not in every classroom every week. Starting after Thanksgiving break I will be attempting to observe in every classroom at least once every other week (schedule permitting). This will not be an evaluatory observation, that is NOT my role, I will be using a checklist of the IB essential elements (Learner profile, knowledge, key concepts, transdisiplinary skills, attitudes. etc.) to offer you feedback through an IB philosophical lens. I will try to schedule these but they may just be a pop into your classroom event. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PREPARE ANYTHING FOR THIS!!!

b) Another suggestion was that I team teach with you to help with the implementation of IB. After the initial observation I will be attempting to do this... I may need some help with facilitating this.

There are lots of questions out there right now, about how we are doing, where we are, and where we are going. I hope that we have answers soon.!

AIMSweb: Need to Know


Intensive and Strategic Students

K – None this week

1st – NWF – None this Week

2nd - 5th RCBM – None this Week


All Students

K- None this week

1st-5th- Probe # 5

Where I will be this week...

Monday: Birch St.

Tuesday: BSE, RCE, CSI

Wednesday: Birch St.

Thursday: CSI, BSE

Friday: Out of town for conference

Important Events this Week...

Monday, November 16 1/2 day IB Meeting

Single Subject Teachers 8:00-11:00 (Birch St. Conference Room)

PLC After School: Behavior group will meet at Rapid City Elementary

Tuesday, November 17 Exchange Student Assembly

Birch St. (2nd and 3rd Graders ONLY) 8:30

Rapid City (4th and 5th Graders) 10:00

Cherry Street (Whole School): 1:00

(Cherry St. we are going to have to reschedule your grade level meeting)

PYP Leadership Meeting after school (Birch, Spanish Lab)

Wednesday, November 18

Birch Street Grade Level Meeting

Thursday, November 19

Rapid City Child Study am

Cherry Street Child Study am

Birch Street Best Team Meeting pm

Friday, November 13

Jean Friday :D

Helpful Hint...

If you would like to be able to get to this page quickly throughout the week, save it to your desk top. To do this, from the email right click the link, click save as and go to desktop.

Of Interest...