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Fill yer sails with the amazing work of ye mateys at NP3!

January 19, 2015


Let's celebrate learning logs! Learning logs are a great tool to guide the meaningful dialogue that takes place when reflecting on assessment data and student learning. Congrats to all of the Pirates for continuously working on adding to your common formative assessment bank, meeting on a consistent basis to address student data, putting instructional ideas on the table, and addressing student needs!

This week NP3 teams covered a variety of important points when working through the learning log process. Some teams talked about instruction, the assessment used, and the validity of some of the questions on the assessment. This meant rescoring and addressing the relevancy of assessment questions. Some teams talked in depth about how they taught the instructional practices they listed - this allowed for each teacher partner to better understand each other's personal spin on the strategy and how it affected student learning.

Keep it going Pirates! Student learning benefits every time an effective team meeting takes place! Arrrgh!

Learning Logs!

Positive School Culture!

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

·6th Celebration: The next one is 1/23.

·Reminder 1/29: Have a formative scored and ready for learning log discussion at PD.

·Reminder AIC 2/4: Holy moly it's AIC time already.

·Reminder BookWorm 2/6: Have your Bully book finished and reflection responses prepared for guided group sharing Fri 2/6 1:30-3:00pm.

·6th Celebration: The next one is 1/23.

·Library Tutoring: Quarter 3 tutoring will run January 14-Feb 25.

·MLK holiday: No school on Jan 19 .

·ATS: Forms and info from CSUS is in your box to pass out to advisory kiddos this week. The dates are not on the forms because they are generalized. NP3 is testing Feb 4th. Checks need to get to the counselors and any questions about fee waivers, etc.

·WEBSITE: Reminder to update your websites with current information by Sunday eve each week.

·Hearing Re-Screening: Kiddos who failed their hearing test or who were not here when the van was will be re-screened 1st period Jan 28th. A list will be provided.

·Cultural Rally and Day: 1/30. This is an all advisory afternoon, as we have a rally in the Gym.

·Yearbook Forms: Make sure they were sent home with your advisory kiddos!

Share with Advisees:

·Save the date!: Incoming 9th Grade Parent Night for current 8th graders, or any parent who would like information about the HS is on January 21st 6-7pm.

· Booster Meeting: Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the next booster meeting is Feb 9th in the NP3 Library.

·Library Tutoring: Q3 tutoring will run January 14-Feb 25.

·MLK holiday: No school on Jan 19 .

·ATS: NP3 will be offering Academic Talent Search testing for those interested in signing up for ATS summer classes with CSU Sacramento. Forms will be coming home this week if you would like to sign up. The test will be proctored Feb 4th. Here is a link for more information http://www.csus.edu/coe/ats/ and if you have addition questions please email tedwards@natomas.k12.ca.us. Fee waivers are available for those who qualify.

·Cultural Rally and Day: Is on 1/30. Students can dress up as their cultural. There will be a contest during the afternoon rally.

·Yearbook Forms: New prices! Students were sent home with forms. If you need a new form they are available in the front office and you can still order online.