Working Bikes

Working Bikes was founded in 1999 by Lee Ravenscoft. Working Bikes gives bikes donated by people in the USA to people in need around the world. Working Bikes has recovered tens of thousands of discarded and donated bicycles from Chicago and the Midwest, and has redistributed more than 38,000 of them worldwide.

These bikes are very usefull in developing countries, they're used for transportation, towing cargo, and creating pedal-powered electricity. In the USA, we have an abundance of unused bikes that could be life changing elsewhere in the world. In areas plagued by poverty, high levels of unemployment and lack of reliable, accessible transportation, a bicycle can help provide access to jobs, education medical attention, and other resources.

Facebook vs. Working Bikes

Facebook and Working Bikes don't really have anything in common. Facebook is a unnecessary social media website and Working Bikes is a charity. Mark Zuckerberg is non sentimental and somewhat greedy and Lee Ravenscroft cares about people because he made a charity.