Taylor's Tidbits

Class Newsletter

We had an AWESOME pep rally/kickoff assembly for our Annual Fun Run on Friday!! Andy Armadillo from Texas Roadhouse and the frog from Sweet Frog were there. AND the Nascar driver, AJ Allemendinger had a special kick off message for the students. It was so cool to hear him give a personal message to our Poplin Patriots!

This is our big fundraiser for the year and our goal is $22k. We hope to get permanent shade for the playground and a rock wall for the gym. Students and staff are SO pumped for these new things for our school.

Students came home on Friday with their collection envelope. They should be collecting donations starting now and ALL money is due Sept. 29th. We will be running on Oct. 3rd during our specials time.

Everyone receives a t-shirt for participating! So get out there and do your best!!

** Top Class that raises the most money wins a Field Trip to Wise Acres Organic Farm (students get to pick their own pumpkin, tour the farm and go on a hayride!)

** The child that raises the most money will win a $50 Gift Card to Target and a personal Zamboni Ride at the Extreme Ice Center of Indian Trail!

** Raise at least $50 and your name will be put into a drawing to win 4 free tickets to the Sun Valley Cinemas, Chick-fil-A Prize Pack, Free Yogurt from Sweet Frog, Mini Golf Discount Coupons, Free Kids Meal at Texas Roadhouse, and a free MVP Season Pass to Sport Clips!


This week we will finish Mclass reading assessments. (I hope!!) :) We will continue to look deeper at characters in our books and discuss their feelings and thoughts. Students will also be writing about it in their Reader's Notebooks.

We continue discussing the beginning, middle and end of a story. I will also have students retell the story in order. This week at home while students are doing their nightly reading, ask him/her WHO the main character is and to tell you how they felt or their thoughts. Also have him/her to retell the story by asking them to tell you about the beginning, middle and end in correct sequence.

Last week students learned how to pick a book that is "Just right" for them in our mini-lesson. Also, Mrs. Medlin our librarian did a lesson with them and then students got to practice. Ask your child to tell you about the 5 finger rule to help choose a "just right" book.


During math class this week, we will continue to focus on addition word problems. We will begin adding 2 digit by 2 digit. Students must label all work and answers and show how they solved the problem. Showing their can be in written out in words, using a number sentence or drawing pictures to explain how the solved the problem. If this is not done the problem will be counted wrong even if the answer is correct. We have explained this to students and practice, practiced, practiced this in class. For example-- 3 dogs + 2 cats = 5 pets OR 12 books + 5 books = 17 books.

Students will have math homework every night Monday-Thursday. I expect all students to complete and return the next day.


Our first rotation of I/E started last week! It was great! Some students received extra practice with place value, while others took place value one step further and learned about the thousands place. Students were so excited and asked me every day if we were going to have I/E time that day. :) Your child's place value quiz will be coming home in the Wednesday Folder. Please sign and return the quiz.

This week I/E will focus on addition word problems.

Remember, during this time students may be going to a different teacher for either intervention or enrichment. These groups are fluid groups based on the students test/quiz results. One week your child may need extra help with subtraction and be in the intervention group. The next time they will have done well with measurement and be in the enrichment group. Please do not be alarmed or worried if your child is in the intervention group!!!! It just means they are getting extra practice and review of a certain math skill that they need.

Science / Social Studies

We will alternate our science and social studies lessons every 3 weeks. I will also be integrating it in to reading and writing.

We had a great discussion about 9/11--Patriot's Day and how there were so many heroes that day. We made a book about the heroes we learned about. This week we will be using Scholastic News magazines to learn about different types of communities.

Wednesday, September 17th is Constitution Day. We will be doing several activities to teach students about our Constitution and why it was written.


Student have been working on writing a small moment and writing across our fingers (first, next, then, after that and finally). This week we will focus on adding details. This will take several weeks to complete this piece.

When your child writes at home, please make sure they start sentences with a capital letter and use correct punctuation at the end.

Important Dates & Reminders

Sept. 16th-- Chik-Fil-A Night (Indian Trail)
Sept. 19th-- Box Top and Soup Label collection
Sept. 25th-- Fall Picture Day
Sept. 29th-- Fun Run Money due
Oct. 3rd-- Fun Run