Tell Your Story in 2019

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” - Joan Didion

Don't Regret, Record!

Is there an elder in your life whose story you'd like to record--while there's still time?

Would you like to write down the story of your child's birth for posterity?

Are you harboring a #MeToo story that you're ready to record and potentially share with others if you so choose?

If so, you're in good company. I'm in love with stories and the potential for well-being -- and even transformation -- that they bring. After all my years of social work and the immersion into the lives of people who were clients at that time, I pivoted my career to follow my passion for storytelling; that is, to help others share their stories after deeply diving into my own. As a trained, certified and experienced story facilitator and coach, it's an incredible honor to witness and guide others through personal storytelling. I trust that when the student is ready the teacher will show.

2019 is the time to carpe diem and make a commitment to get that story down! I'd like you to know that on January 1, 2019, the prices for my packages are increasing. You may purchase a package at 2018 prices any time before midnight on New Year's Eve.

Consider this an investment in your family's history and the passing of stories from generation to generation.

To get a sense of how it feels to be engaged in your storytelling process, here's what one recent client had to say about working with me to write their memoir:

"It has been a “journey”, a delightful journey, as Mary Rives, MHA, MS, helped me recall and record the many inspirational, emotional, most memorable and loving memories of my life. She has been thoughtful, compassionate, and encouraging as I sometimes struggled for recall.

Mary and her husband Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, have become treasured friends as we worked together these past months. A special thank you, Mary. You are forever in our hearts."


Santa Fe, NM

In case you are wondering what the pervasive buzz is about storytelling and would like a little scientific evidence, you may enjoy this recent blog post I wrote about the benefits of storytelling for elders.

Lastly, please enjoy my complimentary ebook which I created to help others interview a special elder in their life with this simple step-by-step process to harvest your loved one's stories.

With warm regards for a safe and joyful holiday season.



Mary Rives, MS, is passionate about people’s stories. She specializes in helping elders in the early stages of dementia craft their memoirs and leave a legacy for future generations. Mary loves to record parents’ birthing experiences as well as the life stories of others with tales to tell. She skillfully facilitates writing seminars and story workshops. Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her beloved husband, Keith, and their cat, George, Mary delights in life and being of service.