Hopeful Visions

Ashley Fowler

Queen Mother of the Western Skies

In this parable, it teaches one how its necessary to "'lose your innocence'" in order to mature and be secure, but at the same time, "'not [lose] your hope'" (Tan 213). I like this quote because when the grandmother sees the baby laughing, the grandmother realizes she thought wrong to throw away her foolish innocence when she was younger and teach others that. This shows how parents don't always teach the right lesson and sometimes one learns life lessons in youth. I like this parable also because I laugh a lot and always have and I agree with the book that everyone should learn "'how to laugh forever'" (Tan 213).


One of the most moving quotes in Joy Luck Club in my opinion is, "'We all had our miseries But to despair was to wish back for something already lost. Or to prolong what was already unbearable'" (Tan 24). This quote explains how even when things are rough, one should always think positively and not dwell on the past because nothing good comes out of it. I think this quote inspires people to be hopeful and always know that things always get better if one has the right mindset. In this quote, Suyuan shows how the Joy Luck Club was made because the women from China wanted to move on from the terrible events in China and be hopeful for the future.

Lindo and Waverly Jong

If I could read another mother and daughter pair in the novel, I would read about the Jong family. In this pair, Waverly Jong likes to be independent and tries to be herself, but also wants her mothers' approval. I think everyone should try to be themselves, but also listen to their mothers for guidence. I like how Waverly pretends to not want her mothers' opinion, but at the same time, she wants her mother to help her fears by approving of her decisions. This pair also demonstrates the conflict of losing Chinese identity as Waverly thinks its too late to be Chinese. This pair interests me because it shows a lot of conflict between a mother and daughter, but also between culture and identity.


In Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan uses communication barriers between families to show how important communication is in order to pass knowledge and traditions from generation to generation. Once Jing-mei's mother dies, Jing-mei has to take over Joy Luck Club and pass on her mothers legacy. Jing-Mei is nervous once she realizes she must tell her long lost twin sisters about her mother, but she doesn't know anything and soon realizes the mothers of the Joy Luck Club, "see daughters who grow impatient when their mothers talk in Chinese, who think they are stupid when they explain things in fractured English" (Tan 40). This displays how without good communication, future generations won't have the same knowledge and hope that lived within their ancestors because they won't understand it. Because of this lack of proper communication, mothers and daughters create strained relationships between them. When daughters don't understand their mother's teachings, they don't get the full effect of their mother's lives and won't be able to pass on the aspirations of their mothers'. These ideas of their mothers seem unimportant or foreign which causes lack of the appreciation needed to fulfill their mothers' destinies.