Bulldog Brief

We are the Wylie Way! 4/25/16

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Enjoy!

Thank you!

As I was reading everyone's comments/feedback on the summative survey, I have to admit, I did become a little emotional. I am super humbled to be a part of such an amazing staff and even more grateful to know all three of my kids have been blessed to be a part of the Smith Family. Each day you come here loving your kids and only wanting what is best for them. Many will say you can't learn from a teacher that doesn't like you, but that is definitely not a concern here. Our kids know you LOVE them and that makes our campus extraordinary. Thank you for opening your arms, your hearts, and your minds to make a lasting impact on their lives. May you enjoy each and every moment of Teacher Appreciation Week! You deserve it!

Being Present. . . .

So. . . if you have been with me awhile, you know that I am super passionate about "being present" for our students. This includes all things from being at the door when they arrive in the morning, to listening to their needs/questions/stories/worries/celebrations/fears/this list could go on and on :), to saying we will see you in the morning each afternoon. As a campus family, we do a great job showing the kids they are our focus. Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed we have let the morning expectation of being at our door at 7:20 slide. For example, one day last week, I walked each hall and could only count 6 total teachers throughout the building at their door by 7:23. SOOOO . . . I have a challenge for you as a Collective Group! If we can have 85% (that is all but one on each hall because let's face it - sometimes things happen) at their doors by 7:20 each morning for the next 2 1/2 weeks, we can wear jeans for the final 2 1/2 weeks. Rally the troops folks - let's do this for our kids!

PLCs this week. . .

K-2 - We are meeting on Tuesday, 3/3, to finish our YAG feedback and look at lesson planner.

3-4 - Final plans for STAAR, pep rally, and team needs. :)

Bathrooms by 3rd and 4th grade

We have a growing problem in the girl's restroom by the 3rd and 4th grade hallways. Someone is finding it fun to color on the walls over the last few weeks. Although it is incredibly hard to find this person, we will certainly try. 3rd and 4th grade teachers - please take a minute to talk to your students about the situation and pride in our school. If anyone hears any information about the situation, please let Jamie know as soon as possible. Thank you!!!

Make up day. .

Although it is not final, it looks like we will be going to school a full day on June 2 with a half day of school on the 3rd. What does this mean for the teacher work day - we don't know yet. IF this is the final decision, the 4th grade celebration will be on the 3rd. I will work with the leadership team to adjust (if necessary) our awards times for that week. Please keep this information confidential until the district makes a FINAL decision. This is just an FYI should we need to make up our day since the waiver was denied. Stay tuned. . . I know they will communicate with all of us as soon as they make a final decision.

Thoughts From a Bulldog

We love the fantastic blog posts you have done this year! If you haven't kept up with it, check it out as there are FABULOUS ideas found throughout! Below you will find a link to the blogging calendar, just in case you have forgotten your date. Keep up the great work!!!

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On the Calendar

5/2 - 5/6 Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!!

5/3 - Baby Shower for Katie Post

5/5 - 4th grade Math Mania in the cafeteria (7:45 - 10:15)

5/6 - Bulldog Boogie

5/9 - STAAR MAth

5/9 - Kinder Field Trip

5/10 - STAAR Reading

5/12 - Breakfast with moms - 6:45 am - 7:25 am

5/12 - Design Team Planning

5/13 - FINAL House Meeting - Whole Group in Cafeteria

5/13 - 4th grade Track Meet - WHS Stadium

5/16 - Lunch and Games with Teachers

5/16 - 4th grade Tour to Davis

5/17 - PLC to Score EOY writing

5/17 - Austin Chaperone Parent Meeting

5/18 - Baby Shower For Jessica Simpson

5/19 - 1st grade Field Trip

5/20 - Volunteer Luncheon