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Big picture

“WE (Williford Elementary) are committed to working with students, families, and communities in providing positive learning experiences and effective instruction that creates lifelong learners.”

Parents, please take a look at some of the new curriculum we are using this year. Also, check out what is happening in our classrooms. We are looking forward to a Wonderful Wildcat year here at Williford! Thank you for your support!


Letterland was created to teach phonics using a story-based approach. The story logic engages students leading to long term retention of concepts. What's more, Letterland is wonderfully multi-sensory. It activates every learning channel through music, actions, alliteration, movement, song, art, games and role-play.
Welcome to Letterland!


Phonemic Awareness is the understanding the spoken word are made up of individual sounds, called phonemes. A child who is phonemically aware is able to isolate sounds, blend and segment sounds, and manipulate sounds in spoken words. The daily activities in the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness curriculum provide students with oral and auditory to develop these essential reading skills.

During every 10-12 minute Phonemic Awareness lesson, students are working with 8 Phonemic Awareness skills, along with activities to develop Letter Names and Letter Sounds, and Language Awareness.

An Introduction to Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

Wit & Wisdom

Wit & Wisdom is a new curriculum developed by and for teachers! Each Wit and Wisdom Module centers on the study of rich and engaging children's books. They are designed to build student knowledge of important ideas in the arts and in the sciences. Each day students will be exposed to great text with daily reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary activities. Students in Fourth and Fifth grade have been using this program for several years.

The Wit & Wisdom approach helps teachers celebrate the joy of reading and writing with students, while supporting all learners with the rigor that the standards demand.

Family Letter


Please check each grade level to see their focus and books!

Eureka Math

The Eureka Math curriculum was created by Great Minds, a nonprofit that brought together teachers and experts to craft a program based on the world’s most successful math programs. Eureka was built around the core principle that students need to know more than just what works when solving a problem—they need to understand why it works.

Please check out each grade level's section to see what your student is learning in Math!

mCLASS Assessment

mClass is a literacy system based on the science of reading. All K-3 students are assessed at the beginning, middle, and end of year to monitor growth. Students are also progress monitored in between benchmark periods based on their individual data. Your child's teacher uses the data to answer questions they have about your child's learning needs and to improve academic outcome for all students!

Edmentum-Exact Path

Exact Path is an online learning program we will be using this year. Every student will take a diagnostic placement test. This is like going to the Doctor and getting a prescription written specifically for your needs. Your student will be set on a learning path based on their strengths and weaknesses! Their growth will be monitored through the year in reading and math.

Please see the letter about Edmentum Exact Path!



Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold Preschool Curriculum

Creative Curriculum includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language.

The social/emotional stage helps promote independence, self-confidence and self-control. Within this stage, children learn how to make friends, how to have group interactions and how to follow rules. The physical stage is intended to increase children’s large and small motor skills. The cognitive stage is associated with thinking skills. Children learn how to solve problems, ask questions and think critically. The language stage deals with communication. Children learn how to communicate with others, listen and participate in conversations, and recognize various forms of print. In this stage, children begin to recognize letters and words and begin writing for a purpose.

Theme: Learning School and Classroom Rules and Routines

Focus Question: What are our rules?

Ready Rosey: Now that you're connected, your child's teacher will be able to share playlists with Modeled Moment videos for you and other caregivers in your child's classroom. These videos model ways that you can support your child's growth and development related to what they are learning in school. Make sure to respond to each of the three steps after watching. You have unique insights about your child that the teachers need to hear! Thank you!

Class Dojo- ClassDojo brings school communities together, with one place for teachers and families to connect, communicate, and share learning experiences.


Kindergarten has started the year off with Heggerty! This is our phonemic awareness activities that we do daily! It involves rhyming, initial, medial, and final sounds!

In Letterland students are using the big picture cards to identify the character and letter sounds!

In math we are learning measurements and analyzing things that are the same. We are also counting objects!

In our new reading Wit & Wisdom, we are learning to as questions using the sentence frame:

I Notice_______________________.

I Wonder ________________________?

Students engage in books and partner talks! They will also draw and write about our stories.

Kindergarten has been busy getting in the routine of listening and following directions. There is so much to learn, we need your help and support reviewing concepts at home.

Please continue helping your child learn their meal number! Thank you!

We played a fun math game kind of like musical chairs...The students had to pick up an object, when the music stopped they had to partner with another student that had the EXACT same object. EXACT was a vocabulary word!! We enjoyed this activity. It gave everyone the opportunity to participate and analyze their object.

First Grade

The 1st graders started the new school year off with fun getting to know you activities such as writing "All About Me" sentences and telling about your favorite book or toy. We learned new daily routines and what it means to be kind. Then, we started working on our beginning of the year assessments and academics. We learned about our community and school rules. For Science, we studied and drew pictures about the earth and the universe. In math, we used different manipulatives to learn about number bonds within 10.

Lastly, we started our new ELA program Wit to Wisdom and explored our 1st book Wild About Books.

We have been reading our first book in Wit & Wisdom, Tom'as and the Library Lady. We focused on the characters, setting, problem, and the resolution!

Second Grade

Second Grade Scholars...

The students in 2nd grade have been very busy as we begin Wit and Wisdom. Students are not only learning about weather, they are becoming critical thinkers. The students are using texts to identify the main topic and key details about what they are reading. They are then using what they have learned to create their own topic sentences.

In math, we have been learning strategies to add and subtract numbers up to 100. Our favorite strategy has been taking out a 10 to subtract. Learning this skill will help lay the foundation and understanding of regrouping later in the school year. They are also learning to show all their work to justify their answers in math. Please encourage them to show all their work in math on our homework.

Thank you for your continued support as we grow thinkers and learners together!


It has been fun teaching your child thus far this year. We are working hard now on under/overhand throwing and catching. They are doing awesome with learning their muscles (triceps, biceps, trapezius, deltoid) too. Please review their terms with them each week. We are learning terms like speed, force, gravity, and power this year. Please if you are not on Dojo please connect to it because I post weekly on there. Keep up the good work Parents in having your child PE ready each week.

From the desk of your PE teacher,

Coach Barnes

Important Dates


13th- Early Release


20-PTSO Meeting 5:00-6:00

21-Muffin for Moms

24-28- Red Ribbon Week

27- Report Card Pick Up & Curriculum Night

28- All Pro Dads Breakfast

Parent Resources


Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is dedicated to inspiring a love of reading by gifting books free of charge to children from birth to age five, through funding shared by Dolly Parton and local community partners in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Republic of Ireland.