You're Making a Mt. of a Trash Hill

A garbage play

Created, produced, and directed by:

Kaj den Ouden

A quick summary:

In a land with perfect hygiene, one man: Jon, who is actually just a teenager, must save the area of the strange new aroma that seems to be infecting everything. The only problem: a gigantic trash dump that is leaking trash into the water supply. The second only problem: nobody know that the smell is disgusting. With his merry band of 2 friends and a watchful mother, they will go against all odds to normalize the peculiar town and its meticulous view on hygiene.

A Quick List of Some of the Characters

Jon - A teenage genius that starts to wonder at why his fellow townsmen live the way that they do.

Tim - Jon's best friend who is the class clown and town troublemaker. Because he is always in trouble, Jon constantly has to help him get out of it.

Jon's mom - The protective mother; she is always asking Jon questions, mainly of his friend Tim and why he is going out so often. She thinks that Jon is seeing a girl when he leaves the house and thus tries to follow him.

Alice - Also very smart and outdoorsy, so she doesn't fit in at school. Eventually becomes friends with Jon and Tim and makes a significant contribution to solving the problem that they face.