Pereira is a city and municipality in Colombia , capital of the department of Risaralda . It is the most populous city in the region of the coffee belt , and the second most populous region after Paisa Medellín ; has over 606,852 inhabitants and forms the Central West Metropolitan Area along with the cities of Dosquebradas , La Virginia reach a population of approximately 845,589 inhabitants) . It is located in the central-western region of the country , in the valley of the river Otún the Central Cordillera of the Colombian Andes.


The history of the city dates back to the pre - Columbian era , in which the area now comprising the city was inhabited by tribes of the Quimbaya and Pijao cultures, widely recognized for their jewelry. In this region , Marshal Jorge Robledo founded the city of Carthage on August 9, 1540 , but the siege of pijaos economic reasons or convenience, produced the transfer of said city to the site currently occupied in North Valley Cauca, in 1691, to the banks of the river La Vieja. Then again become the region jungle and buried the remaining vestiges of civilization.


In the resort , from the Zoo Matecaña and Laguna Otún , and Santa Isabel , all located within the municipality , provide scenarios for activities ranging from adventure sports ecotourism. Pereira is also known as "Night City" for its bars and nightclubs. Matecaña Zoo you can see many species and traveling by train around the park. The planetarium and Botanical Garden Technological University of Pereira , located at the Technological University of Pereira , are sites of cultural and educational interest . The Cathedral of Our Lady of Poverty, is architectural religious heritage of the city and the world. The " Lucy Tejada ," the Museo de Arte de Pereira , Jaime Mejia Archaeological Museum and the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima Cultural Center are sites to visit.

Town planning


Technological University of Pereira.

The city has several schools as the Technological University of Pereira , where undergraduate and graduate careers offered in over 6 acres built and others constituted in the botanical garden of the university. Other universities that comprise Pereira are: the Catholic University of Pereira , Free University , the University Foundation of the Andean Area , the Cooperative University of Colombia , St. Thomas University , the University Antonio Nariño and the Autonomous University of the Americas among other.


Pereira 's climate ranges from the following topics : Warm Weather 9.9% , 60.7 % average climate , cold 11.5 % , 17.7 % wasteland , its annual average rainfall is 2,750 mm. The Pereira, primarily territory stretching from east to west , the city provides different climates within it, such is the case , the judges of caimalito and little hills west of the city, near the Cauca River, its temperature approaches at 28 degrees, since the height in this area is from 900-1100 m) at the other end the path La Julita , which also is the Technological University of Pereira


Soratama hotel. To get there, go two blocks to the left, then up two blocks finally walk one block to the left.


1. How many tables are there in the hotel?

There are a few tables.

2. How many apartments are there?

There are alot of apartments.

3. How many beds are there?

There are some beds.

4. How much pay for staying is there?

There is a lot of money

5. How much delay in raising the elevator is there?

There is a little time

6. How many days will stay is there?

There is some.

How much. Money

1.How much does a cup of coffee cost?

one dollars, fifty cents.

two euros, twenty cents

four pounds, two pence.