price 300,000

About Our Product

our products start's out like a car and with the push of a button you raise and once you are in the air wings shoot out and you fly.


The size of a Chevy car comes in pink ,blue, green or any color you want. Before it starts off as a car it is turned into a plane.

Age Group

We are marketing this to 20+ because at 16 you are not very responsible.  Wen you are 20+ you are a responsible adult when you are driving a car.

Compared Our Product

Our group took the most expensive car ($100 million) and the most expensive airplane ($350 million).  So we took out all the extra parts and we subtracted that money out of the price.  The price was way to high for what we wanted.  We decided on the price of $300 thousand.  We felt that was a responsible price.
This puppy is so cute your dog can have the same amont of fun or more with the flying car.
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She's so so cool.  Don't you think?
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Comparing a Car and a Flying Car

A car takes 40 MPG with its average price of $14,000.00.A flying car takes 160 MPG with an avoerage price of $300,000.00
With the flying car you can choose the options best for you.  Including built in arifresher and touch panels to drive.  It includes a built in parachute that is kept on top of the car and opens with the press of a button.
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