Film Club Tryouts for Piano Player

Tryout to become a piano player for a duet for a song!

What's happening?

Film Club needs a piano player to play a duet with another person to play a song for the next movie that we are making.

Film Club

Wednesday, March 16th, 9-11pm

160 Wolfe Road


Meet here for your tryouts. Only ONE person will be playing the duet! You will have to meet us in the media center after school.

You must know how to play the piano or know how to play the piano also

If you are either taking lesson or in a class for piano lesson, you are approved. You CANNOT be able to come to the media center if you don't know how to play the piano.

More questions?

If have any more questions or want to tryout, meet either Mr. E or Stephanie Ukadike at the media center or contract them at: