Seawell Peek At the Week

February 26, 2023

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At Seawell We Value All...We Are Committed to All...Believe in All...and Lead with the Heart!!!

Greetings Seawell Seahawk Families,

This month our Seawell learning community has enjoyed our African American Read In guests and the continued the kindness of others. Students demonstrated integrity and. are making the choice to do the right things and act in the right way around our campus.

While we continue to have transportation challenges, our responsibility to student safety is also of the utmost importance. Teachers and staff are working to make sure that we know who is on our campus and responsible for taking/escorting students home. The following are just a few reminders due to concerned reports from our staff:

  • Please call or email the front office and/or send in a note if someone other than the legal parent/guardian is going to pick up your child. While we truly empathize with the challenges that late transportation changes can bring, we are still tasked with ensuring that we follow safety protocols.
  • If you are arriving on our campus before 2:30, please do not go directly to the classrooms as this is particularly unnerving to both classrooms and staff monitoring the cameras in order to keep our campus safe. Walkers can meet at the bus circle close to the large tree/PreK mobile units.
  • Note that teachers/staff members are working to release students to parents, ensure that the correct students are loaded onto buses, verifying last minute transportation changes and covering students on the delayed routes while still trying to keep our campus safe.
  • We appreciate your grace and flexibility during this time if we ask you to remain in vehicles for pickup, remain in the designated areas for walker dismissal and refrain from going to classrooms, and sending students with transportation changes. All of this is being done in order to keep your child safe.
  • Lastly, expect updates around our current walker policy as at this time all students must be released to an adult. I am meeting again with our director of safety in order to determine possible options in light of current transportation challenges and the absence of a designated walk zone.

The character trait for February is INTEGRITY- it means having the strength to act justly and honestly even if others do not. It also means to do the right thing even when no one is looking/watching. Here is a choice board with activities you can use.

Teacher of the Year Nomination Time!!!

CHCCS Teacher of the Year Nomination Form

Please take the time to nominate the 23-24 TOY for CHCCS. Note that nominees must:

Nominees must meet the state’s criteria: be a full-time, fully certified classroom teacher, having completed at least four years of experience (the fourth year may include the current school year). Guidance counselors, school social workers, media specialists, and instructional technology facilitators are ineligible.

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  • Join the PTA for just $10 per person or sponsor a Seawell teacher or staff member for only $5 by clicking on the MemberHub link. As a PTA member there is no obligation to attend the PTA meetings or volunteer. We welcome other family members too, such as grandparents, to become PTA members, too!

  • Global Traditions Night is a fun time for families to come together to learn about the cultures represented at Seawell. We are currently looking for families to represent their country/culture at Global Traditions night on April 18th from 5:30-7:30pm. This event cannot happen without your help. Please sign up at the link below to volunteer. More information on other ways to help as well as details about the event are on the form.

  • Let's get the Seawell community together on March 18, 2023 for the Public School Foundation 5K for Education! This event brings together members of the entire Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district. The Seawell PTA is looking for a teacher or parent representative to help promote the event. Please email if you are interested. If you’d like to run or walk with your family, please register for the event here.

  • Virtual PTA Board Meeting on Wed. March 1. Zoom link is here.

Black History Month Feb. 1-March 1 2023

SES COVID-19 Cases

Seawell had 1 positive COVID-19 cases during the week of February 20 - February 24.

CHCCS encourages eligible students and staff to get an updated COVID-19 booster. The updated bivalent booster is now available for people 12 and older (two months after they finish their primary series or any booster dose). It offers the most up-to-date protection against the latest Omicron variants. The booster, like all COVID-19 vaccines, is safe to get alongside your annual flu vaccine. The CDC also recommends a third dose for children 5 to 11 who have compromised immune systems. Click on these links for vaccination locations and more information on COVID-19 boosters

Families, please be sure to follow the following guidelines :

  • Masks: In general, CHCCS remains a mask-recommended, but optional district. Masks continue to be provided for students and staff upon request. Exceptions to this protocol are outlined on our website as well as the below paragraph about COVID-19 positive staff/students.
    • Also: Schools will no longer require masking in the entire building when there are clusters of 5+ positive cases in a small group or a cumulative total of 15+ positive cases in a school. More on this below.
  • Symptomatic Staff/Students - Will be required to provide*:
    • A negative PCR COVID-19 test, or
    • 2 negative Antigen (Rapid) tests separated 24 hours apart in order to return to work/school, or
    • An alternative diagnosis from a primary care provider.
    • *This is not for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. This is to prove that the COVID-like symptoms being experienced are not COVID-19. Individuals who choose not to test for COVID-19 or get an alternative diagnosis from their primary care provider are required to follow the COVID-19 positive staff/students guidance.
  • COVID-19 positive Staff/Students - Must quarantine for 5 days and can return on day 6 as long as they are free of vomiting, diarrhea, and fever without the use of medication and all COVID-19 like symptoms are improving (they do not need to be resolved). The individual needs to continue to wear a mask at work/school while indoors for an additional 5 days after returning. Please contact your school nurse for additional information and guidance on returning to work/school.
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March 1 - PTA Board Meeting

March 2 - SES SIT Meeting 5:30pm

March 3 - Progress Reports Go Home

March 6 - TOY nominations due to me:)

March 17 - Student Dance

Pre-K Registration January 17-March 17

Lost and Found: Lonely Jackets @ Seawell ES

This section will now periodically highlight clothing items found around our campus so that parents can alert their children to reclaim what was once lost! All clothing/items pictured can be found in the Lost and Found section of our cafeteria.

Lonely Jackets @ Seawell ES

Classroom Corner

What an exciting week this has been!!!

Fifth Graders enjoyed a visit from former Seawell Seahawk Attorney General Josh Stein!!!

We were joined by our CHCCS School Board Chair, Ms. Dasi (former parent), Vice Chair, Mr. Griffin (former parent/PTA president), and Dr. Hamlett among other district guests.

Attorney General Stein briefly shared his Family Tech Agreement with students emphasizing the importance on online safety.

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Please call Seawell at 919.967.4343 ext 33200 or email Evelin Escobar to report absences and tardies.

Educational leave for students must be requested at least ten days in advance utilizing this form.

Volunteer Process

We are now able to have parent volunteers in our learning spaces again! In order to assist you with this process, please access the volunteer registration link . Note that you must go through the district volunteer process in order to chaperone filed trips, but not before beginning to actively volunteer in your child's classroom/school.