Come Visit The Best Planet In The Solar System!

Come Tour Our Beautiful Planet!

Want to get away from the planet Earth? Come to Mars! You can jump, leap, flip and skip along the planet with the low gravity! Mars is the best planet in the universe! Our tours start at $1000! All ages are welcome to the planet of your dreams!


We have many glorious animals that are like nothing you have ever seen before. You think there are wonderful animals on Earth? On mars they are even better! The most famous animal is the almighty Girple! The Girple has gorgeous feathers surrounding their head like a bed of roses. They have long, luscious fur that flows behind them when the walk. They look like a bride on her wedding day as she walks down the isle. There are so man y more animals on Mars! You can visit them all at the Out Of This World Petting Zoo! Tickets are only $10!


We have a one of a kind hotel! Since there is no air on Mars, our hotel is a complete bubble full of fresh air. This is a new hotel that was just built, but there is many other amazing hotels just like it. This is the newest of its kind! There is free breakfast every morning! We serve everything from eggs and bacon to cinnamon rolls. Nights start at just $250!

Questions Typically Asked:

Q: Is there any fresh air?

A: Air on Mars is not like air on Earth. The air on Mars would kill a human quickly if inhaled.

Q: What will we do to make sure that the air is okay?

A: When you get on the Space Shuttle to come to Mars, we will give you a special helmet and mask to ensure that you have fresh air to breath.

Q: How do we get to Mars?

A: Once a year, there is a Space Shuttle that will come pick you up. The Shuttle will come and take you to Mars.

Q: How do you reserve the spot to Mars?

A: You need to go online to our website and go to the TRIP section. Once there, go under SET UP A TRIP. The website will tell you the rest to ensure that it is easy to set up.

Q: Is it safe to walk on Mars?
A: It is not the safest. But, we have constructed suits that will make walking the safest thing possible. These are one of a kind, and we are the only service to provide these. Other company's have not been able to figure out the right method of building the suits.

Q: Are humans able to live on Mars?
A: Humans are not able to live on Mars. But, we have made a bubble hotel so that you can live on Mars. Our bubble hotel is made of a special material that makes it possible to live.

Special Suits:

What are the special suits you may be asking yourself? These are high tech, newly designed, highly safe and so much more. The not only give you fresh air, the let you walk on Mars. The suit blows air around the whole suit so you wouldn't feel like your in a sauna suit! Inside the suit, there is a tube of water that you just draw out of the pocket, bring it to your mouth and enjoy! This suit is like nothing you've ever seen before!

How Long Will It Take To Get There:

Usually it takes 150- 300 days to get from Earth to Mars. With the new technology and advancements, it only takes 24 hours. The Space Shuttle is a fast moving, safe, and newly made shuttle that takes you in a quick time. No other shuttle can move as fast as our Space Shuttle.