Belgium (1952)


belgim's general facts

o Belgium

· The capitol of Belgium is Brussels.

· Belgium’s population last year is 11,162,000.

· Some interesting places to visit are Horta Museum, and Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Golda.

· Belgium’s bordering countries are France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands.

· Belgium’s highest elevation is 694 meters .

· Belgium’s natural resources are building materials, silica sand, and coal mines.

Belgium’s main products are chemical products, diamonds, and plastics

why you should visit Nemo33 in Belgium

You should visit Nemo33 in Belgium because it has the deepest diving pool in the world. They have set records of the deepest dive. The pool is 660,500 ft. deep. Nemo33 even gives out lessons to dive in their pool.

why you should visit Belgium

Belgium's history consists of Germany going to war with them in 1914 causing World War 2. Belgium was full of Nazi soldiers at the time. You should go to Belgium to learn more of the history of World War 2.