Nuclear Families

Caroline Orozco

What is a nuclear family?

A nuclear family is your traditional, basic, family structure. This structure consist of two married individuals providing care for their offspring. According to society being in a nuclear family is more likely to be more consistent in raising their children such as discipline, modeling appropriate behavior,and parents act as a team. financially, many nuclear families are stable to provide for their children to have many opportunities.

Roles and responsibilities of family members

Mother- Normally employed, cleans the house, supports their child.

Father- Provides for family financially, embrace responsibility, Be there

Child, do chores, respect parents, make good grades

Guidelines for a productive nuclear family

the guidelines are the basically the same as the roles and responsibilities, each family member is required to do their part and if they don't, conflict will follow. Also showing respect, loving one another, building trust, financially stable, open to talk to about anything, consistent behavior and consistent discipline and supporting one another are all basic guidelines for a productive nuclear family.

Factors that influence family responsibilities

Religion, race and demographics can all influence family responsibilities