Dr. J. Robert Cade


Gatorade was created by a team of researchers. The researchers were lead by Dr. J. Robert Cade. In 1965, a coach from the University of Florida Gator football team asked the group to figure out why the players were so affected by the heat. They lost a lot of weight and were not urinating. The researchers kept experimenting until they found the right combination of electrolytes and carbohydrates that the players needed. They developed a drink they named "Gatorade" that would keep the team hydrated.

Changes over the years

Gatorade has grown to be the most bought energy drink. It was first used by the freshman football team at the University of Florida. It worked so well that the whole team used it. Then other college football teams started to use it followed by professional teams. Then it spread to other sports such as the NBA, PGA and MLB.

Gatorade has come a long way since its lemon flavor. There has been 61 more flavors created since then. Gatorade has also developed many different types of drinks, bars and chews. These products help people get energy, re-hydrate and recover from physical activity.

This company grew fast and could not keep it going in the university lab so it was bought by Stokely-Van Camp. Then it was purchased by Quaker Oats Company and finally by PepsiCo in 2001. Still today the inventors and the university of Florida get money from the sales of Gatorade because of a trust created in 1973.

Dr. J. Robert Cade

Dr. J Robert Cade was one of the creators of Gatorade. He was born in Texas in 1927. After high school he joined the Navy before he became a doctor in 1954 when he was 27 years old. Over the years, Dr. Cade gave lots of the money he earned from the sales of Gatorade to charities and organizations. He liked to collect old cars.


Gatorade has many series such as G Endurance and G Performance. While researching Gatorade, I saw some products and flavors that I have never seen before. This made me realize just how big Gatorade is. Beverages are clearly the #1 product for Gatorade and I think that the G Series Thirst Quencher drink is bought by the most people.

Top Flavors

Impact on popular culture

Gatorade was created to keep college athletes hydrated. Gatorade commercials show professional athletes that are using Gatorade products and how it helps them. These current and popular athletes are competing at the top of their sports. When people see these commercials they think that if they use these products they will compete like that athlete.

Many athletes drink gatorade

Kevin Durant & Dwyane Wade Gatorade Commercial
Gatorade Recover: Building Jabari Parker

Life without Gatorade

Gatorade is sold at most stores and it is also found in vending machines right next to water and soda. The Gatorade G is found on many products such as towels and water bottles. Gatorade is trying to make it's products healthier, the G2 series is their low calorie. The company is always coming up with new ideas. There are so many Gatorade products that I don't know what people would do if Gatorade stopped being produced. They might not want just water during physical activity.