St. Baldricks

Fights against childhood cancer

How your business can make an impact...

Dear local business owner,

I'm writing you today to ask you to consider supporting the local St. Baldricks group as we Brave the Shave at the Roc bar on May 21st. If you are unfamiliar with what "brave the shave" means it means over 80 people in the local area have signed up to shave their heads BALD, donate their hair and fundraise for St. Baldricks. I myself will be donating over 20 inches of hair. St. Baldricks in a national nonprofit that raises money specifically to fund childhood cancer research. Their mission is necessary and their work impactful.

To learn more about St. Baldricks click here

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Why am I doing this?

I don't have an easy (or short) answer - but I felt that this was a perfect time to send some love out into the world, to participate in something unifying that served my local community and to add my efforts into something that felt both necessary and important. As a mom, THIS was the perfect non profit for me. You can read more about my why story by clicking here
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Okay, What impact does this organization have?

Abby's Childhood Cancer Story

I'm still reading...what exactly are you asking of ME?

I'm asking you to consider a financial contribution of ANY amount...

When I set out to do this my biggest fear was that I wouldn't raise any money (and I'd still end up bald) so I set my initial goal at $1000. Within 48 hours nearly $2000 had been raised!!! So, I upped the goal to $5,000. As of this morning $4,600 has been raised. I'm just blown away by that! So, with TWO months left until 'shave day' I upped the ante again - $8,000.

THIS only happens with YOUR help! Raising this kind of money requires the community. Many small business in the Downtown Plymouth area have already supported this endeavor. Their support has ranged from $25 up to $1000. I'm grateful for all of it regardless of the dollar amount.

I KNOW as a small business you get hit up often for donations and I also know as a small business that money matters and your success depends on making smart and sound financial decisions.

I'm hoping that you'll consider what might be possible for you and your business and that you'd join this local group of Shavee's and help us send an enormous gift of love off to a worthy and necessary charity.

Let you customers know that you helped!

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These posters were created for YOU! To let your customers know that you supported this great charity and that you supported your local Shavee's! I think this would look GREAT hanging on your walls.

Ok! How do I donate?

You may use your business or personal credit card and make a donation using this link

Your tax forms will be emailed to you.

If you'd rather write a check I would be more than happy to make arrangements to pick it up. Please see my contact information below.

If you'd like to donate "goods" there is a silent auction the day of the shave and those items will be used on May 21st as action items.

I will make sure that a poster, showing your support, is delivered quickly for you to hang on your walls.

Sponsorship Levels

Let me again say, I will happily and graciously receive any amount! Shaving my head isn't something I ever thought I would do - and a lady doesn't go bald without asking everyone to help! Having said that - there are some formal sponsorship levels and a few perks that come with them. They are as follows for your review:

Barber’s Chair Sponsorship (IONE LEFT) A $500 donation gives the company branding rights for one of five barbers chairs. The chairs are found on the main stage of the venue and are referred to by the company’s name when bringing shavees up to the stage.

$1,000 Silver Sponsorship This level of sponsorship will afford the company/individual multiple branding opportunities. Among these opportunities would be the choice between interior tent branding (business to provide signage) and “Hair Lair” (aka shavee on deck circle) co-branding with long time sponsor Fantastic Sams. Silver sponsors will also receive multiple mentions both at the event and through social media.

$1,500 Gold Sponsorship This level gets all the benefits of Silver and adds in the right to have branded promotional material and/or flyers on our “sponsor table” on event day.

$2,500+ Platinum Partner (pricing negotiable depending on sponsor exclusivity) Our top tier offers the same benefits as the previous two tiers and adds the right to address the event attendees and participants on stage. Any branding/props (t-shirts, giant checks, and/or signage) to be provided by the business. Platinum Sponsor will also receive multiple mentions on stage during the event, in social media, and in all traditional media press releases.


This leap of faith of mine and the money that has been raised has far surpassed my wildest imagination. It's amazing what is possible when we let go of fear and just do! Thank you so much for your consideration!

Need more information?

Please contact me further for any additional information you need or desire.