How to be successful in INFT 123

It starts in the first week

Complete your pre-tests in week 1 and 2

Most of your course grade, about 80% of it, will come from the work that you do in SIMNet and GDP. The tests that count towards that 80% are the POST-Tests. You will take those near the end of the course. In weeks 1 and 2, you need to set up your SIMNet and GDP accounts and complete the PRE-Tests. This will set the tone for the course and help you decide how much time you will be spending on you Lessons, prior to completing the Post-Tests.

The Pre-Test in GDP

In GDP, you will need to complete a timed pre-test using these steps:

  • In GDP, click on "Timed Writings" on the top of the screen
  • Then, click "Other" on the left side
  • Then, click "Customed- Timed Writings" on the left side
  • Make sure to select the PRE-Test
  • Print the GDP Pre-Test document, attached to this announcement (email).
  • Use it to type for 3 minutes, for each test.

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