At Camp Timberlee

At Camp Timberlee my trip involved life science. My trip involved life science at the science center at the camp. The center had everything from skunks to lizards. We got to learn if the animals were nocturnal, how many hours they slept and more!
I thought that the most interesting part of my trip was blobbing. Blobbing is where someone sits on the edge of a blown up tarp pillow and someone jumps onto the pillow. The person at the edge goes flying up and into the water. How fun!
Hello, Im Alyssa Gillespie. I am going to start tumbling this fall and I already do tap dancing at level 5. I should probably let you know this, my mother is blind. She is on dialysis too. And lastly I'm not the best at science. I kind of need it to be explained to me lots. But that's basically all.